How To Breathe Into Our Divinity?

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Breathing is such a natural and life-giving action that many do not give it a second thought. However, what if I told you that by consciously breathing in each moment you could discover your divinity and lead a calm, loving and empowered life. Not only that but most health problems would clear up such as depression and anxiety and bodily stress could be considerably reduced.


Since all disease originates from physiological stress which generally causes acidosis and dehydration many problems from the body including disease could be cleared up and homeostasis returned to the machine by simply breathing properly. The problem for many is the lack of understanding of how the body actually works. A complete disconnection in certain instances of who we are and possibly even a somewhat arrogant refusal to know thyself and take responsibility for our “home” the body that retains the incarnated consciousness.

The ego or lower self runs invisibly and unchecked and has a profound influence on how we breath. Left without hindrance the autonomic nervous system breathes the body in excellent balance between sympathetic (SNS) and parasympathetic systems (PNS). The body alternates between “speeding up” to take care of stressful situations (or what is perceived as stressful) and slowing down or bringing peace back to your system. However with the ego or lower self engaged we can broadly categorise that the majority of the people are now engaged in “speeding up” (SNS) the torso and body breathing rather than abdominal breathing (slowing down/PNS).


Yes, you’ve been influencing your breathing all of your life and therefore your health. The issue is in epidemic proportions. When we are small children we breath obviously, we participate in abdominal breathing. We inhale while stretching the abdomen and exhale while pulling the abdomen in and slightly up. This enables the diaphragm to completely extend downwards allowing the lungs to completely fill and oxygenate the body completely.

As we become older children and create unresourceful programming (lower self or ego) due to negative circumstances or perceived negative situations in our lives we gradually move towards chest breathing whereby the diaphragm doesn’t fully extend all of the way down, the lungs don’t entirely fill up with air and we create a propensity to hyperventilate into a lesser or greater extent.

By the time we’re adults and ‘set in our ways’ poor breathing methods become habitual and the routine to malfunction and disease becomes the standard. By knowingly abdominal breathing we skip our lower self/egos will need to maintain control and return to our divinity. We start to feel serene and calm and refuse to be perturbed by the “illusion” of existence.

Należy pamiętać, że

Unfortunately many are quite simply not ready to make that journey, will continue to chest breath, stay in the self and outwardly focused which has a enormous toll on the body. We continue to believe that life only happens to us and don’t have any choice but to utilize the prevailing health systems that are built on treating symptoms rather than causes. Broadly speaking chest breathing may lead from moderate to severe hyperventilation which causes upper body aches and pains in the short- term to physiological stress from the long-term and frequently end in dysfunction and disorder.

Let’s examine this process in a bit more detail. A perceived negative situation is experienced or felt. Remember there are no negative scenarios however the way we see it could be negative. This is why two people can have completely different perspectives to a “negative” situation, one focuses on it and makes it larger and the other sees it as an opportunity to grow, develop and possibly change their life conditions completely.

Fight or flight

So as we move to this perceived negative situation or feeling we activate the SNS, the fight or flight reaction. It does not have to be as dramatic as that. The truth is it’s the less dramatic conditions that seem to be the issue, that’s the low-level anxiety that’s bubbling beneath the surface but retains the sympathetic nervous system aroused (and chest breathing widespread). Frequently an invisible program was triggered without our awareness.

We unconsciously attempt to suppress it by using our habits, such as overeating, drinking too much alcohol, drug taking, continuous online surfing or social networking site visits rather than sitting quietly with it and consciously abdominal breathing and meditating. Remember SNS stimulation is a essential part of our lives, by way of instance by simply standing up our SNS is stimulated to improve blood pressure so we do not become dizzy and fall over. However it’s the unconscious ego programs which excite the SNS that should be eradicated if we want to live healthier lives.


By conscious abdominal breathing we’re bringing those programs to our consciousness and can consequently transmute them. If we step into courage we could do this and transmute the lower energies of the self and start to enjoy much enhanced health benefits. Not only that but when we’re mindful of our lower self programming and its continuous need to be ruling the roost we become far more conscious of the patterns it creates in our lives like poor eating habits or behavior that’s not in our best interests.

If we do not then our life conditions may become intense until we finally “get it” and are prepared to make that leap in consciousness amounts away from reactive thinking and back into intellect. This procedure is purely voluntary and nobody could be persuaded to be more conscious. Each individual needs to listen to their soul promptings that are extremely quiet and subtle compared to the loudly lower self and outwardly focused personality, much to the frustration of conscious loved ones and loved ones.


In a nutshell long-term chest breathing and SNS stimulation shunts resources away from development activities like proper immune, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous system function. The impacts of this are enormous concerning the way we feel on a minute by minute basis, such as anxiety, anger and anxiety etc to longer term problems like disease and dysfunction from the body. When we wake up and see clearly what we have been doing to ourselves we can not help but take back control of our bodies and our minds. We can not help but disconnect from the illusion and have some opportunity to breath into our divinity or maybe more appropriately abdominal breath into our divinity.

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