Jak pokonać zatory zatokowe?

Sinus congestion is a blockage in the nasal passages. This happens when the nose membranes become swollen due to swelling or inflammation of blood vessels. Common colds, allergies, nasal polyps and hay fever can all cause inflammation in the blood vessels. Sinus congestion is also known as nasal obstruction, sinus blockage, stuffy or blocked nose.


Here are some tips to help you beat this common condition that can disrupt your life and cause severe symptoms.

  • Get plenty of rest and sleep – Sinus congestion sufferers should get adequate sleep and good quality sleep.
  • Increase water intake – This condition can be treated by increasing your water intake. You can drink plain water or you could also have vegetable broths, chicken soups or herbal teas. These hot fluids would thin the mucus, making it easier to drain. You should avoid drinking alcohol and coffee.
  • Nasal suction – This is a great option for small children who are unable to blow their noses. Adults can also use this technique using a netipot. It is a small container that has a similar design to a teapot. This remedy works best when you use saline water.
  • Blot your nose – This will clear blocked nasal passages. This is the easiest way to eliminate excess mucus from your nose.
  • Breathing exercise – Most people suffering from sinus congestion can get relief quickly by slowing down their very heavy breathing. You can learn many breathing techniques to help you do this.
  • Sleep at an elevation – Constipation can be triggered by lying down. To ensure that you can breathe properly, it is best to lie down or sleep on the bed at an elevated level. A big pillow can be used to support your head. This will help you to breathe easier and reduce your coughing.
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools. Despite the appearance of moisture, the chlorine in the pool water can cause irritation and worsen your condition.
  • Long hot showers are a great way to treat your sinuses. Take a long hot shower, and then breathe in the hot water vapors.


These simple tips can help you beat sinus congestion in no matter how fast. Enjoy the incredible sinusitis treatments!