Jak uniknąć przyrostu masy ciała w okresie menopauzy?

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Why is it that girls typically begin to see some weight gain during menopause? This question has plagued women for as long as they’ve been concerned about their own weight. The numbers tell us that two-thirds of girls entering their twenties will see a ten to twenty pound weight gain during menopause.


Let’s look at the causes and see if there’s anything that could change that statistic for you. As a woman ages (men, too, for that matter) they have a tendency to slow down. This isn’t necessarily by choice, either. And even if she’s not changed her eating habits or her activity levels, weight gain during menopause has begun to creep on.

Mostly, it’s due to this metabolic slow-down. As she enters the perimenopausal years (that time before menopause) her body begins to betray her. It needs to slow down, so it starts slowing down the metabolism. Just when a woman has more time to go bungee jumping or mountain climbing, her body is acting like these actions are just more trouble than they’re worth.

Hormonal Changes

Another cause for weight gain during menopause is the hormone issue. The ovaries are shutting down, and because they are a prime resource for estrogen, the body wants to enter panic-mode and hang on to all of the resources it has. Plus, it wants to create and save more funds. You see fat cells may manufacture estrogen.

So, because the body’s usual source is gone, weight gain during menopause occurs because the body tries to maintain the fat stores and construct new ones, also. Combine this with the slowed metabolism and you’ve a recipe for significant weight gain during menopause. Is there a way to avoid that? You can’t stop the process of aging. The body wants to slow down and maintain its energy stores.

But you can avoid weight gain during menopause although circumventing those occasions will require constant effort.

Wskazówka końcowa

A sensible diet full of nothing but wholesome foods, lots of water and supplementation of the missing components, such as vitamins and minerals will be required. And you know we couldn’t finish this article without mentioning exercise. If you’re active up until now, great! Keep on doing what you’re doing. But in case you’ve been kind of life threatening, then that is something you’ll have to change. Explore finding an activity you prefer, like gardening, swimming or yoga, if the typical exercise routines do not attract you.