Jak nie stać się ofiarą swojej broni samoobrony?

Thief or robber in the mask trying to steal woman's bag outdoors. Woman using pepper spray or tear gas for self defence. Woman defending herself against thief. High quality photo

Among the questions I get asked most frequently is whether it’s much better to carry pepper spray or a stun gun. I’m also asked my view on carrying a deadly force weapon like a firearm. The answer always comes back to what the man is most comfortable with, which sort of lifestyle they live and most of all, what they are prepared to practice with.

Self Defense Weapon

Without appropriate training and knowledge of how a weapon functions, all you’ve got is something which could possibly be used against you. It’s easy enough to determine where to acquire firearm training. Just find a local selection with a professional instructor who will work with you. Proper use of a gun is much more complex than simply point and shoot. This is also the reason you need to spend time practicing with any firearm you opt to carry for self defense. The outcome of using a firearm can be intense, so it’s well worth the time and expense it will take to be certain that you get it right.

Firearm training appears logical to most people. But training with pepper spray? How hard is it to run a small can of spray? The solution is: It’s harder than you think when you’re in crisis mode! In a crisis, several things happen to your body. Your heartbeat increases. Your breathing becomes fast and shallow as the adrenaline takes over. You also lose the ability to efficiently control your fine motor abilities. Have you ever tried to insert a key into a lock when you’re nervous? Then you know how difficult such a simple task can be. Guess what it takes to run a canister of pepper spray? Yes, fine motor abilities.

Należy pamiętać, że

Since there are not any’pepper spray ranges’ how do you exercise with your defense spray? The fantastic thing is that there are inert practice pepper sprays available. Get one the exact same size as you’ll be carrying. Most keychain versions have a slip over and press activation lever. Some of the bigger sizes have a finger insertion layout. Ensure that your practice model has the identical sort of activation apparatus as your normal spray. Most of the inert sprays are water based and comprise numerous shots so that you can practice using it anywhere, with anybody who can help you practice.

Using this method, you may create muscle memory. In a crisis, you may revert to your practice. If you have none, then you’re most likely to fail and very possibly have your self defense weapon used against you. Same thing goes for stun guns. Every so often, it’s necessary that you give it a test flame. This has a double function. Step one is to make sure it’s still fully charged. Finally, it’s crucial that you have it ready and accessible.

Every weapon is useless if it’s in the bottom of your purse, in your glove box or back at home when you want it. Attackers rarely announce their intentions. You won’t have enough time to get prepared to defend yourself. You always have to BE READY. Without instruction, practice and openness, your weapon just might be the thing that makes you a victim. Don’t let that happen!