How Long Last Menopause?

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Menopause is experienced differently by everyone who goes through it. No two women will experience it in precisely the same way. However, some women have a more difficult time dealing with the symptoms, which may include irregular periods, hot flashes, heart palpitations, night sweats, sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety, tension from the muscles and joints, memory lapses, dizziness, and mental confusion, amongst others.


Many of these symptoms begin during the perimenopause stage, which can happen as early as a female’s uterus, but often don’t occur until after a woman turns forty. Because the symptoms may be unpleasant, the majority of women want to know how long menopause symptoms persist. Beginning with the perimenopause stage, menopause symptoms can start.

This stage has been proven to last for a decade or more before menopause is in fact complete. In actuality, ten years isn’t an unusual time period for this period of life. The symptoms of this stage, but do not often become evident until a woman reaches her mid to late forties. At this time, it’s likely she’s bothered by at least a few bothersome symptoms.

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A woman is said to have completed menopause when she’s gone a full year without a menstrual period or some other menstrual spotting. Therefore, menopausal symptoms can be said to last in the perimenopausal period until menstruation has ceased for a complete year. The average age for a female to have finished menopause is age 51.

Symptoms can end at approximately this time, but for many women they also persist for a while after menopause has formally been attained. The duration of a woman’s menopause symptoms will frequently depend on how long her perimenopause phase is. The normal phase will last four decades, but as indicated above, this period can be ten years or more. To answer the girls who would like to learn how long menopause symptoms persist, generally it can be stated that these signs will last four decades.

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However, a woman’s symptoms might not be bothering to her during that whole time. What determines how long menopause symptoms last? Many factors can determine this. A woman’s genetic makeup, eating and workout fashions, stress levels and overall way of life and health can influence how long these symptoms persist.

A woman with more stress in her life and has a bad diet is much more likely to have a longer perimenopausal period, because menopause is very likely to start earlier in these girls, and, consequently, the symptoms of menopause will appear sooner. Additionally it is true that a girl who doesn’t live a healthy lifestyle or who doesn’t exercise may have more trouble with menopause symptoms.


Generally speaking, girls who take care of these are more likely to have easier transitions and also to be less bothered by menopause symptoms. Though it can be tricky to ascertain how long menopause symptoms persist, girls who don’t need to experience multiple disagreeable symptoms should make sure that they care for their health as they can now.