Jak działa ludzkie ciało?

Doctor shows the process of scanning a patient on a blue background.

Myths are told concerning the creation of man and woman. And from science, development demonstrates how man developed 12 millions years ago and 10,000 years ago. Truly, man is a gift of love, the Almighty God’s creation. Adam and Eve in history ( also in the apple story and bamboo legend), bequest to humanity how sins become washed off due to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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It’s a framework where the remainder of the body is constructed. Bones also play roles in the other body systems: white and red blood cells grow and develop into fatty inner tissue called red marrow. The minerals stored in the bone particularly calcium, are released when the body needs them. Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by the endocrine glands and several other organs. They circulate in the blood and other body fluids, and assist the body to keep an optimal internal atmosphere. The endocrine system accomplishes the changes which happen at puberty, and modulates many of those who are related to aging, including the menopause.

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It protects to offer protection against infectious disease and malfunctions of the internal body systems. In healthy men, the complex interrelationship of physical, chemical and cellular defenses can help protect against several dangers. Poor general health enhances body immunity. The respiratory tract, working together with breathing muscles, carries air into and outside the lungs. The cardiovascular system transports these gases to and from all body cells, supplying vital oxygen and removing waste carbon dioxide. The 9m (30 ft.) of tubing between the anus and mouth has a complex selection of functions. It’s required to keep food, digest it, remove the wastes, and make optimum use of nourishment.


A wholesome digestion depends upon the correct functioning of the nervous and immune systems. Psychological health is also crucial to efficient digestion. Muscles make up about the majority of the body’s bulk. Working together with the skeleton, they create the energy to move, make exact and intricate hand movements, lift objects, and even talk. Involuntary muscles, such as the specialized cardiac muscle and all smooth muscles, provide the vital power for the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

The cardiovascular system’s most basic function is to pump blood around the entire body, and a pause of more than just a couple seconds will cause a loss of consciousness. All body organs and tissues require a supply of oxygenated blood and the elimination of waste products. This delivery system can adapt quickly to changes in demand. The mind is the seat of both awareness and imagination. Through the spinal cord and nerve branches, the brain also controls all body movement. The nervous system functions with endocrine glands to track and keep the other body systems.


Although small compared to other body systems, the reproductive system is undoubtedly the human body’s biological centerpiece. Unlike other systems, it works only for a portion of the human lifespan. It’s also the only system that can be surgically removed without endangering an individual’s life. The formation of urine by the kidneys eliminates wastes and helps to keep the body’s chemical balance. Production of pee is influenced by blood circulation and blood pressure, hormones, and various general rhythms and cycle of the human body, like sleeping and waking.