Electronic Acupuncture For Women Issues?

Beautiful elderly woman receiving elbow pit treatment with electronic laser meridian therapy pen. Meridian LU5 acupressure point (Lung meridian). Pain Relief concept.

Nine out of ten menstruating women feel the effects of an upcoming period every month(s). Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or pre-menstrual tension (PMT) can present itself in various ways from debilitating cramping to headaches to mood swings. Symptoms are mildly bothersome to excruciating and conventional treatments like prescription drugs may not always help (or might not be your taste).


If you suffer from PMS / PMT, you might wish to consider adding digital acupuncture to your regular for relief. The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture has been used for treating pain and other medical issues. According to its own principles, your body consists of energy pathways running through your body, connected throughout the connective tissues. When you experience cramping, headaches and other symptoms of PMS, different pathways become obstructed, preventing your life’s healing energy from coursing through to those regions.


It uses tiny needles inserted into specific areas called acupoints to unblock these pathways. Acupuncture has become a recognised and respected treatment choice and lots of insurance companies offer to pay for this sort of treatment nowadays. However, what if you’re not fond of needles or cannot afford repeated trips to an acupuncturist? You can invest in an FDA approved handheld electronic acupuncture apparatus which employs the identical healing principles, only without the needles.

An electronic acupuncture device may be utilised in the comfort of your own home, based on your treatment schedule. The system uses a wand to supply electromagnetic impulses to certain acupoints in the hand, wrist and hands that correspond to particular regions of your body. As an example, if your PMT is causing bloating and cramping, you’d touch the wand into the area corresponding to the uterus and ovaries to replenish the energy pathways resulting in pain.

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The same principle applies for nausea and mood swings brought on by hormones. A useful acupoint hand map frequently accompanies electronic acupuncture apparatus so that there needn’t be guesswork involved with self-treating your PMS or PMT symptoms. Having the ability to self-treat can help you reduce your dependence on prescription drugs, particularly if these drugs have the capability of causing side effects.

When your life has to be changed to take into consideration the pain and suffering of PMS, an investment in a digital acupuncture device could be the answer to gaining this week of your life back every month. Obviously, talk to your physician about your PMS or PMT symptoms . Some may need medical intervention. The fantastic thing is that your digital acupuncture device won’t just assist to your pre-menstrual syndrome but various other health woes (and general wellbeing ) as well.

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