Czy naturalna ulga w bólu głowy działa?

facial massage

Natural headache relief is a practicable and highly effective option to expensive healthcare concoctions, but, sadly, it really is used only by a small minority of us. A lot of people, on developing a headaches, The most typical drugs used in treating head aches are usually aspirin, in a fashion usual of western medicine, they deal with the outward symptoms rather than the reason behind the discomfort, and this is frequently to the detriment of your body’s requirements, being made referred to as they are by the existence of the pain to begin with.

Simple Alternatives

Yet there are several simple alternatives that don’t result in any health hazards, don’t pollute the surroundings (as do most medications after they’ve passed through your body) and do not cost anything. Each of them work by reducing tension and tension, the main factors behind headaches. Let’s look at only four of these. 1. Lie toned on your own bed, or even on to the floor, and relax, inhaling and exhaling seriously and steadily.

Tense all of your body for a couple seconds, and then, you start with your foot, relax each section of your body subsequently – your feet, your hip and legs, your midriff, your fingertips and hands, your hands, your shoulders, your back muscle groups, your neck and face muscle tissues. Do this another time if necessary, but be sure you control your inhaling and exhaling as before.


This physical exercise is great for restoring your time and well-being, in addition to relieving head aches.

  • Give yourself a face massage. Utilizing the middle three fingers of every hand, first in a single direction and then another. Do this for one minute or so before changing place to your jaw-line, and your temples. Test out different spots on your encounter, Be sure you relax and breathe seriously.
  • Open the mouth area wide, as a lion really does, take a deep breath and “poke your tongue out”. Do that slowly, Simultaneously breathe out slowly during your mouth, bring your tummy in to make sure all of the atmosphere is expelled, and keep it there for a couple seconds when you can. Then, in the same way gradually, start inhaling, through the nasal area if you can, and provide your tongue back to your mouth, slowly. Once you exhale, focus your brain on obtaining rid of all of the stress and stress you’ve been feeling. Relax all of your body, and repeat the physical exercise several times. It sounds weird nonetheless it is a very effective physical exercise for eliminating the reason for headaches and recovering your time.
  • Discover the large hollow in the heart of the back of one’s head, under the bottom of one’s skull, and press it together with your correct thumb, Do that exercise for a moment at the same time, while breathing seriously and relaxing just as much as it is possible to. While, again, it noises weird, it will bring rest from the severest headache.


Check it out next time you’ve got a headache and go through the results for yourself. Overall, better than an assortment of chemical substances that over the longterm can do as much harm as great. The choice of natural headache reduction is something you just need to experience first hand to understand.