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HRT jest alternatywą dla złagodzenia jak , (choroba snu ), and the ever so popular hot flashes to mention a few. This isn’t all, since there might be over 30 symptoms that victims may encounter, varying from person to person.

Hormonal factor

is also famous for preventing the loss of density which contributes to a disease called . Osteoporosis causes thin, weak bones that can easily crack, and is extremely common in the elderly. HRT can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and may prevent other diseases like macular degeneration and colon and there are signs that demonstrates that oral estrogen can help improve cholesterol levels, but haven’t proven to decrease the risk of .

Though there are proven advantages to using HRT, are there demonstrated side effects. It’s difficult to ascertain the magnitude of the side effects of this HRT, because of the impossibility of long term clinical trials. If estrogen is taken without progesterone or a progestin, there’s a higher chance of endometrical cancer. After 4 or more years, there’s an increased risk of , based on WHI studies.


Taking progestin continuously with estrogen increases breast density which makes mammograms more difficult to translate. Slightly increased risk of thrombosis (blood clot). Slightly higher risk of prostate cancer. Prolonged use of some HRTs can cause an increased chance of heart . Increased risk of coronary disease. HRT can cause negative moodswings. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is a blood clot in the veins, either in the legs or in the lungs or girls that had a blood clot during . For quite a long time it was believed that taking HRT would lessen the risk of heart diseases, but recent studies have demonstrated otherwise.


Research has demonstrated that girls that lately had an AMI () or a CVI () are more prone to getting an additional attack when they start taking HRT. There are signs that healthy women beginning to take HRT, have a risk of heart attack during their first two decades. There are a few advantages to taking HRT, but the side effects out amount these benefits by far. Women who has previous history of cardiac or vascular diseases should definitely not begin accepting HRTs as that may cause another attack. If you’re having menopausal symptoms, and need treatment, instead do a pure approach. We urge the Survival Guide. The natural cure for menopause with no nasty side effects.


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