Czy masz łuszczycę?

Dermatological skin disease. psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, allergies. Skin lesions on the head. Red areas on forehead and ears.

These last few months has not been very good for Jay. He had a significant catastrophe that an illness shifted his life. Things were not the same for him that his body failed to work well. Intense stress triggered baldness. His white blood cells assaulted his own hair follicles and stopped hair growth.

Hair factor

Large quantities of his hairs suddenly begun to fall out. Small white round skin patches covered with silvery scales spread to his entire body. These scaly patches appeared on his elbows, knees, back and scalp. Skin on his elbows and knees appeared burnt and cracked. Scalp and back grew flaky and itchy as his skin turned very dry. Excessive flakes developed a range of disgusting red spots on Jay’s legs.

His once healthy fair skin became dull and stinky. It was like cancer which spread quickly throughout his body. His skin appeared rotting. He seemed just like a human serpent. Much like people with leprosy, he was loathed and avoided. Disowned by a few of his friends, his life became worse than the leper’s. Such extreme misfortune gave him a massive sense of pity and insecurity. Thus, Jay’s disease negatively influenced his morale.

What happened?

His bodily illness handicapped his psychological equilibrium. He felt helpless, humiliated, frustrated and angry. Depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide and body image issues deteriorated his spirit. Most of the time, he just remained within the boundaries of his house. Jay began to live a life alone. In actuality, he stayed away from friends, acquaintances and even his own family.

Jay was broken. He lived a lifetime with a dreadful curse and anxiety was to blame. It’s been listed since 35 A.D.. Some evidences even demonstrate that it might have been known previously. Psoriasis is a skin disorder that affects the life cycle of skin cells. Stress is hypothesized as the principal reason for this frightening disease.


The first outbreak can be followed by a streptococcal infection. Such experience gets debilitating because of streptococci microorganisms that flourish under the flaky skin. These bacteria feed on the host’s flaky skin. Topical treatments are often prescribed by doctors to relieve pain and itchiness. Antibiotics and anti-bacterial creams stop the augmentation of these germs.

However, none of these lotions and lotions could cure patients completely. Doctors say it’s a lifelong illness – a persistent, chronic illness. No cure was found! Treatments were only valuable to alleviate the pain or itching. Prescribed medicines only help control issues. Even UVB (Ultraviolet Spectrum) or Phototherapy or Coal Tar doesn’t cure this disease. Sometimes it even gets worse.

It spreads widely around the body, affecting the entire dermis system. Indeed, Psoriasis is a curse for the living! It’s a nuisance and a burden, particularly when correlated with other illness. To people with Psoriasis such as Jay, only a miracle could help. Where else can he find cure when Medicine could not help enough? What else can Jay do if Science does not know the cure? While Psoriasis affects the dermis of a individual, its consequences deters one’s soul. Physically and emotionally, the effects are intense.

Stress factor

When stress begets more anxiety, everything becomes impossible. Again, more anxiety was to blame. From stress to Psoriasis, from Psoriasis to more anxiety! The series is undeniable and we could blame it more on multitudes of anxiety. If Jay does not die of Psoriasis, he could die of psychological burdens. The soul would have left his body without a struggle. If Jay does not die of psychological burdens more illness may follow. In the long run, it would be more than microorganisms feeding on this server. It might be the deteriorating soul feeding the life span of Jay.

It’s a fact that Psoriasis is a dreadful curse. However, stress is similar to a cancer which develops – a spreading scourge! Several studies also attest that stress affects the immune system. Stress feeds the guts of this Psoriatics and makes the immune system fail. On the other hand, findings show that good advancements are found without stress. If stress is diminished, the spread of diseases like Psoriasis is diminished too. Additionally, it holds true in reducing the dangers of any illness like such.


Therapeutic sessions were recorded to have been more effective without anxiety. Prescribed medicines work well with the body’s immune system if the body is stress-free. Even doctors find it much easier to help patients when they are not stressed. Healing process begins when no interference from the body’s immune system. Indeed, stress management might have been the best medication for Jay. A positive prognosis may have helped the immune system work well. Without fear, he could have learned other solutions besides medicines. It could’ve been his very best defense for more dreadful diseases. After all, all miracles happen when it’s stress-free. Maybe his miracle is simply innate.