Czy znasz te potężne superowoców?

If you’re concerned about your health and interested in building your immune system, this item is for you. The targeted market is people and children over four which are concerned about improving their general health and nutrition. How often can you hear people talking about being sick or run down or saying they’re grabbing everything that comes near them because their immune system is down? This item will help optimize your health and immune function.

Powerful antioxidants

These are present in fruit and might help prevent cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals. This item will supply the antioxidant capacity of about 13 servings of fruits and vegetables by drinking 2 ounces twice daily. This is a strong blend of 19 fruits especially chosen for their ability to support your immune health with appropriate nutrition. There are strong superfruits, valuable fiber, and vitamins A, C, and E, in this fruit mix that will offer the essential nutrients to support your immune system and allow you to keep your overall health. If you’re healthier, you might feel better and improve your wellbeing.

The principal ingredient is AcaVie, which is a highly effective ingredient full of antioxidants, combining MonaVie’s patented acai and juçara freeze-dried powder and puree with Enlivenox. Enlivenox has over ten times the polyphenols than conventional acai and is a proprietary acai compound.

Układ odpornościowy

As you get older, healthy lifestyles might not always be enough as your immune system can weaken as you age. Your physician would have you to think that receiving a series of shots or taking medication will help keep you from getting the flu, pneumonia, and other ailments.

I believe taking the natural path to prevent diseases is significantly better than getting sick and paying the doctor for expensive drugs to hopefully make you feel better. Sometimes the side effects of these drugs make you feel worse than the illness that drove you to a physician in the first location. This yummy juice may not just slow down the effects of aging, but it might also improve your general health and might even have an impact on how long you live.


This fruit combination has been formulated by scientists to support the nutritional demands of your body and contains an antioxidant rich MVao2a proprietary complex featuring the superfruits acai and maqui. Additionally, it will help protect your body 365 days annually and might help you maintain a healthy life. You brush your teeth, wash your hands, put a coat on and buckle up when you get in a car to protect your entire body. Doesn’t it make sense to get the proper nutrition your body needs to protect itself on the inside also?