Czy kobiety robią różnicę?

Women make the difference in our contemporary society because they are girls. Nobody argues that women and men differ from one another. Obviously female and male bodies are anatomically distinct, but mentally and emotionally both genders differ also. The various thought processes of women and men haven’t been demonstrated to be genetic, but it is accepted they are.

Czy wiesz, że?

It’s acknowledged that within our genetic makeup there is a code which causes men to be less emotional, more aggressive, and more vulnerable to violence. Women are hard wired to be caring, sensitive, sharing and not as prone to violence than men. Looking back along our evolutionary growth, these genetic differences served our species well. The stronger male was genetically suited to being a warrior and hunter. While less physically powerful, the child bearing female was instilled with instincts which would make a fantastic mother. Over the past 75 years that the gender divide was blurred.

Before World War Two our society was basically the same as it was back when our ancestors lived in caves. Modern conveniences aside, guys were the protector and provider. Women had the function of preparing meals, keeping house, giving birth to children, and raising them. We still have a ways to go before the genders are really equal, but now women are active in politics and the army, and occupy positions in every area of endeavor. However, this doesn’t mean our genetics are recoded. After thousands of generations of development we still have the vestige of a tail, the tailbone, and organs which serve little practical purpose.

Dobrze wiedzieć

However, it is going to require a lot more millennium before they vanish. Likewise, it’ll be millennium before changes in genetic coding governing thought processes and emotions in women and men merge. But would be want girls to mimic men emotionally? Our society is significantly richer, and much better off since women differ from men. In actuality, it’s the sexes do differ girls are motivated to take up causes propel us forward. Eighty percent of American women feel that encouraging causes creates a feeling of meaning and purpose to life. Women also believe individuals can make a difference by supporting causes.

Men see a “cause célèbre” people adopt as a fad. Ironically, it was the willingness of individual women to support causes that led in Prohibition and equal voting rights for all American citizens, irrespective of gender. It was girls taking up a cause that innovative workplace equality to where it is now, including women in combat roles. In all, 45% of Americans are involved in supporting causes. However, women make up 35 percent, while just 10 percent of all Americans actively supporting triggers are guys. Women and men do not usually support the very same causes, but concur some causes deserve their support.

Należy pamiętać, że

Feeding the hungry and encouraging US troops overseas are universally supported. However, girls support youth-related causes such as bullying and youth obesity, while men are more inclined to encourage the Tea Party, crime prevention, etc.. Understandably, gender certain issues, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, are encouraged by the sex influenced by the disease. Women and men support causes differently also. Women and men will donate money and give physical support in the kind of volunteering to further a cause. However, men are prone to donate money as opposed to volunteer.


Women, however, are more inclined to become involved by donating money, clothes and other personal items. Women also volunteer more of their spare time than men. Women are more likely to recognize the role that social networking plays in furthering a cause in relation to men. Thus women are more inclined to support causes through social networking, like linking Facebook groups, leading comments and guest posts to sites which have cause logos and contribution links. Women are also more likely to use social media as an information source to learn about causes and also to be upgraded. Women make the difference when it comes to furthering causes that enhance and enhance our society. So, as righteous as equality between the sexes is, if women become more like men our society will be the poorer because it.