Are There Safe Eczema Natural Home Remedies?

Mustard seeds in spoon with flower on board

Eczema refers to a skin condition that causes inflammation and pustules. Sometimes, there is also a fluid discharge. This skin condition can be caused by allergy or intolerance of certain foods, such as eggs, milk, and detergents, dyes, and perfumes. The best treatment for eczema is to determine the cause.


It is characterized by extreme itching and small erythematic vesicles (or erythematic papules), that start at the cheeks and spread to the rest of the body. The fluid breaks down and oozes out, leaving behind crusts that dry out further and residual pigmentation. The following home remedies can be used to treat eczema.

Natural Treatments

  • Wheatgrass – Apply wheatgrass juice on the affected area, and then drink 50ml twice daily. Wheatgrass is a natural antiseptic that can be used to treat eczema at home.
  • Coconut Oil – Heat coconut oil and a few garlic cloves. Let it cool down before you strain it. Apply the oil to the affected area 2 to 3 times per day.
  • Margosa – Margosa, also called neem, has antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties. Make a decoction by boiling some leaves of neem with some water. Use this solution to wash the affected areas.
  • Mustard – Mustard seeds can also be used to treat eczema at home. Make a paste by pounding the mustard seeds. Now, cut the stem of Euphoria nuriefolia (snuhi), and fill it with this paste. Cover it with clay and let it cook. Let it cool off in a bowl. Mix it with mustard oil and apply to the affected area.
  • Three Myrobalans: Boil the powder of three myrobalans (i.e. amla, harad, and baheda. As a natural remedy, you can now wash the affected area with this decoction. These three myrobalans can be used to treat skin conditions and provide other health benefits.