Czy istnieją potężne naturalne środki na bóle głowy?

Craniosacral therapy massage. Therapist massaging woman’s forehead.

Headaches – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed! There are many causes of headaches. It is important to understand the root cause of any head pain before you attempt to treat them. These pains are Nature’s way of warning us about internal disturbances. It is not wise to try to treat the headache by itself, but to understand the root cause and treat both the symptom and the cause.


Eye strain, stomach disorders and high blood pressure are all common causes of headaches. You should know as much about your body and your overall health as possible. This will make it easy to identify and treat your headaches. Each case was treated individually, but there was a general treatment that was used to relieve headaches.

The entire pack was to be used for one hour. Cold compresses were used during the treatment. The patient was then bathed in lukewarm (86deg) water immediately after the pack. Finally, cold affusions (waterjets) were administered to the neck and head. The affusions were also directed towards the spine in the case of nervous headaches, and ran slowly up and down the patient’s back. The affusions were particularly successful. Light diets, especially vegetarian, were also recommended.

Chronic headaches

These can be treated with zone therapy. A woman aged thirty had suffered from chronic headaches for two years. She was unable to find relief. The woman was depressed upon entering the sanatorium. It was imperative that her condition be treated immediately, to prevent her from losing her sanity completely. I demanded that the woman open her mouth and then pressed a flat metal object into the roof of her mouth.

It almost caused the woman to scream. The woman couldn’t believe her eyes five minutes later when the metal object (similar to a tablespoon) was taken out of her mouth. The headache, which was the companion to her two-year misery, had completely disappeared. The case mentioned above was not an exception to the rule when it came to the relief of headaches. This problem has been solved time and again by zone therapy.

Zone therapy

It was applied to headaches only according to the affected area. The zone pressure was applied to the roof of the mouth at the same spot as the pain.