Would You Dare

attractive girl posing in grey wig, isolated on black

It’s official; my grey hair is now considered fashionable. Apparently, it is all the rage on the fashion runways, and younger women are making a statement with white and silver highlights in their hair. I was born a redhead, but over the years it has darkened into an auburn colour and today is full of natural silver highlights supplied by era, daily dosages of anxiety, and a couple of gold highlights thrown in courtesy of sunlight.

Goed om te weten.

Much to my hairdresser’s chagrin, I’ve never dyed my hair and never will! I know that it would make me look younger, but I guess I’m saving a great deal of money and time. I don’t need to worry about revealing my grey roots or using a lot of chemicals seeping into my scalp. And I just feel like we should not be ashamed of having older-my motto is: Go with what you have and work it!

So, imagine my delight when I opened the Sunday New York Times yesterday to see a post titled “Gray: No Longer Premature,” by Ruth La Ferla. The guide is about younger renegade-type girls that are asking silver highlights in their hair and creating quite a fashion statement in doing this. If you’ve got the time, definitely read the story, and check out the comment highlights beneath the story.

Young girls are seeking out this colour, and older girls are paying $1.3 billion annually to cover this up. Wow, I’m feeling kind of unique for sticking to my guns and not covering up my lovely trendsetting silver streaks! Is that a nod to their older, wiser sisters or maybe a wish to be cougarlike or are they mocking me? I’m just going to choose to believe that I am making a fashion statement.

I absolutely love this comment from plt brooklyn and had to replicate it here: My colorist’s title? It’s the essence of childhood to want to seem older; it’s the essence of the elderly, to wish to seem young; it’s the nature of people to want to change nature. Young people’s silliness is part of the charm. And my well-earned gray hair, is a part of my charm!


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