Why New Moms Should Make Kegel Exercises?

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Because pelvic floor muscles support the urethra, bladder, uterus, and rectum, doing kegel exercises won’t only help strengthen and tone those muscles. Additionally, it will help remove and prevent diseases and health issues associated with these organs.

Did you know?

In actuality, these exercises were originally developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s to assist women with urinary incontinence or diminished bladder control. According to reports, doing these exercises is very beneficial not just to treat and prevent urinary incontinence, but also in helping new mothers and soon to be mothers in managing pregnancy, giving birth, and post partum effects.

Take note

Following are a few of the greatest reasons why new mothers should think about including kegel exercises as part of the exercise routines.

  • Nearly around 25 percent of new mothers experience urinary incontinence because of stress. A little bit of urine will leak each time a new mother laughs, coughs, or sneezes. Doing these exercises while pregnant and right after giving birth can help prevent urinary incontinence since it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and causes them to operate properly.
  • Doing these exercises is extremely simple. It doesn’t even need special private places and courses to do it correctly and effectively. Unlike other sort of exercises, these sort of exercises won’t make you tired.
  • Kegel exercises can be performed in many positions and do not demand a specific position. It can be completed in any time and place, whatever you’re doing. You can do the exercise while watching TV, cooking, driving, or talking over the telephone.
  • Pelvic floor muscles are among the top priorities in pregnancy recovery. In actuality, experts often concentrate on kegels and these muscles when speaking about exercise while still pregnant and after giving birth.
  • Neglected pelvic floor muscles after giving birth have the propensity to sag. Without proper care and exercise, it is going to continue to sag with time. This will eventually lead to health issues with a woman’s bladder, uterus, bowel, and the organs that surround them. 6. Weak and unhealthy muscles affect your sexual encounter. It might result for you and your spouse to not feel anything during sex.
  • Kegel exercises are the only known exercise to maintain pelvic floor muscles toned, strong, and healthy.
  • Doing these exercises will increase the elasticity and strength of pelvic floor muscles, which will help encourage pelvic organs such as the uterus and the baby, if you do this when you’re still pregnant.
  • These exercises while pregnant will reduce the odds of injuring the pelvic floor during childbirth.
  • Practicing such exercises before and after having a baby can allow you to heal readily as well as keep control of your bladder and a more satisfactory sex life.
  • Doing the exercise while still pregnant help prepare women’s bodies to the strain of childbirth.
  • Kegel exercises help tone and strengthen the puboccygeus muscle or the pubic muscle. Strengthened pubic muscles prior to childbirth can enable the pubic region retain enough muscle tone to make childbirth easier for girls. Indeed, there are plenty of benefits to why girls should begin doing kegel exercises today, whether they’re pregnant, an older, or in post partum.


On the other hand, to make certain you will attain the best results, do kegel exercises correctly. Seek guidance from your doctor or gynecologist to understand how to do kegel exercises correctly. Also, ensure to do it regularly. Make it part of your everyday routine. Like many other sort of exercises, doing it irregularly or stopping after several weeks won’t yield results.