Waarom zijn persoonlijke alarmen een noodzaak?

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Personal alarms have become a necessity in current times. They’re excellent self-defense tools that could help protect you against any offense. They are normally small battery operated devices which create a shrilling sound, which may assist in getting some help in the event of a criminal assault. These alarms are extremely handy for children, women and senior citizens who may have to go to places which are not as crowded and also areas that are dark.

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With increasing crime rates, it’s quite important to remain alert about security and safety. A personal alarm is a small device which could be easily carried in pocket, purse or can be fit to a key chain. All you will need to do is simply push the alert button to make a piercing siren that could startle your attacker. These alarms also flash light when you’re in a dark location. You can carry these alerts together with pepper spray and other self-defense tools.

There are few things to remember before purchasing a personal alarm. Buy an alarm which produces shrill and loud noise. It should have sound that’s at least 130 decibels. Also select an alarm which produces continuous sound, so that even when the attacker snatches the alert or attempts to throw it, the noise won’t stop.

Size factor

The size of this alarm you’re purchasing is also an important consideration. It has to be small, lightweight and easy to carry around. Make sure that it is easy to operate with simple buttons with no complications. You can pick personal alarms which are powered by either battery or gas according to your convenience.

Each has its own benefits, but it’s essential to be attentive and attentive when carrying both. It’s very easy to purchase a personal alarm nowadays. Their availability on the marketplace has improved considerably as people are more careful about their safety in addition to the safety of their nearest and dearest. These can be found in various designs and styles and also carry a good deal of different features.


We’re confronted with so much of dangers in our everyday lives that carrying these devices become inescapable. If you’re a person who walks or jogs every day, traveling alone at night because of work or regularly visits different areas, then you’re more inclined to risk. A personal alarm is a superb way to ensure your security as it distracts the attacker for a while, giving you enough time to defend yourself.