Why Are Essential Oils Indispensable Today?

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Therapeutic-grade essential oils are some of nature’s greatest gifts to us for use in dealing with the onslaught of deadly viruses, bacteria and devastating chronic diseases of today. With new pandemics such as “bird flu” in the information, and reports that vaccines are ineffective against them, it’s especially reassuring to know that the Creator made provisions to protect and care for people who look to nature for answers.

Etherische oliën

These provide high levels of oxygen and ozone into the cells, creating an oxygen-rich atmosphere where pathogens can’t survive. Essential oils have strong antioxidant properties. Essential oils produce a negative-ion surroundings in which pathogens can’t survive. Virtually every important oil is antibacterial, many are antifungal, antifungal, anti-parasitic.

A high number of essential oils like lemon and mountain savory are immuno-stimulators. There are no known viruses or bacteria that have developed an immunity to essential oils through mutation. Sesquiterpenes (chemical components of some essential oils like lemon, frankincense and sandalwood) possess the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, a crucial element in the healing of many ailments.

Goed om te weten.

Essential oils may deliver vital nutrients to hungry cells by”piggy-backing” them via abnormally thickened cell membranes that have developed because of oxygen deprivation. Essential oils, such as helichrysum, are organic chelators, driving toxins/metals from the cells. Essential oils normalize and balance the body’s systems.

Properly produced essential oils are living substances that carry electric frequency and can help increase the frequency of the human body to levels where disease can’t exist. Rose essential oil carries the maximum frequency. Essential oils such as geranium and spruce have the capability to clear psychological trauma and negative emotional patterns that are in the roots of a huge number of diseases.

More Benefits

Essential oils stimulate the release of endorphins, relieving physical and psychological discomfort and promoting a sense of joy and well-being. Essential oils can improve our sense of wholeness and connection with the Source of All Healing. These features only apply to therapeutic-quality essential oils.

It’s crucial that essential oils be generated at low temperature and pressure with the objective of maintaining their life force and healing properties. Lesser-quality oils, such as perfume-grade oils offered in many health-food shops and bath and body shops, though relatively inexpensive, just don’t embody the assortment of healing properties in oils produced with healing in mind, and sometimes, can do more damage than good.

Seek out oils which have been produced with the aim of healing which contain the entire assortment of natural chemical components nature intended. When you find them, you’ll have found strong allies in preserving and enhancing your wellbeing in such challenging times.

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