Wat zijn de redenen voor het optreden van de menopauze?

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Usually occurring in the early 50’s of the life of a , menopause signifies the end of menstrual cycles. After this period of time, women will no longer have the ability to give birth to a child and therefore we can define menopause as the transition period from a reproductive life to a non reproductive one.

Hormonale factor

It occurs as a result of hormonal changes happening in the body wherein the amount of eggs in the ovary decreases to a tiny quantity. At the beginning of menstrual cycles, a usually has about 4 million eggs that reduces considerably to 10,000 through menopause. Most of these eggs expire via a process named Atresia whereas some of them are lost during the normal monthly cycles. Menopause is classified in two phases – en .

The Perimenopause stage usually sees a hormonal imbalance in your body and might last for two or three years. Post this, comes the menopause phase during which menstrual cycles stop and the woman can’t become pregnant. During this period the ovaries stop producing eggs. After this stage, comes the post menopause phase. Doctors think that eggs develop a synergistic impact towards FSH (Follicle Stimulating ) that is responsible for generating them thereby reducing the production of also. It’s this decrease in the amount of estrogen and eggs which produce the body unfit for having a baby.

Wist je dat?

Menopause may also be caused because of the side effects of chemotherapy (treatment for ). While getting chemo, the of a woman may get damaged thereby leading to menopause. can also be seen after undergoing in which the of a female is removed via surgery resulting in a change in the estrogen production. Such extreme changes may cause some harm to your body. Moreover, the production within the body gets almost zero as the era of a woman approaches mid 40’s.

too is fully accountable for the production of eggs from the ovaries in a woman’s body. No progesterone means no eggs. The following effects of menopause on a woman might be catastrophic because it can result in loss () thus they’re more vulnerable to fractures. Additionally, it may also result in heart disorders which may be quite detrimental to health. and changes in hair thickness is often seen after menopause. Whenever you feel some type of discomfort it is always better to see a physician because he/she can allow you to solve this issue. The physician will advise you certain organic changes like in taking low cholesterol items in your lifestyle that can allow you to control .

Laatste woord

For controlling osteoporosis ingestion of considerable quantities of should be taken and to reduce weight reduction, regular exercising is advised. Apart from these natural treatment procedures, applying creams on the vagina will help to eliminate . The estrogen replacement therapy and hormonal replacement therapy may also help you overcome the symptoms of menopause.


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