Wat is een Tubal Reversal of IVF?

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For any couple that wants to get fertility revived after having a tubal ligation the choice between IVF and tubal reversal is no doubt incredibly demanding. Wanting to have that second chance at having a baby means needing to make the perfect decision, this isn’t straightforward.

Laten we eens kijken...

Even once you think you’ve made the last decision you continue to be second guessing yourself. The best thing a couple can do is study the facts. Know the pros and cons to both choices. For those who have questions, then ask all of these. If you don’t get the answers you’re looking for then ask somebody else. If you’ve got a question on tubal reversal then call a tubal reversal facility.

Asking a doctor who hasn’t researched the tubal reversal success rate or hasn’t dealt with IVF won’t get you the answers you require. Ask the men and women that are thought of as the experts in what they do. When attempting to make the decision it’s also sensible to gather as much info as possible and write down it.

About prices

What are the prices of both gastric change and IVF? Different doctors will charge otherwise. What’s included in the purchase price? When collecting the information to make the decision always make certain to ask the success rates of each. When getting the achievement rates make certain that they are the successes of the specific physician you’re speaking with.

A blanket response of “well tubal reversal surgery has a better result over IVF” isn’t acceptable. Has there been data gathered or a study to prove this? Who conducted this research and where can I see it? Don’t accept answers that you’re not comfortable with. When talking to the team how are you treated? If you call and are treated as if you’re being a pest it’s time to proceed.


Someone asking a question because they want the facts makes a better individual. An educated patient is a man who knows what’s happening and what to expect. Although it’s been demonstrated that tubal ligation reversal surgery does have a better pregnancy success rate over IVF it’s up to the couple to decide. They need to be the ones to make the best decision because ultimately there are no guarantees. A couple must make the decision that they feel is perfect for them. By gathering information and seeking aid the couple will have the ability to make the informed choice that’s so crucially needed now in their lives.