Wat veroorzaakt hoofdpijn aan de bovenkant van het hoofd?

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Students and people who are very stressed out or worn out may experience a form of neuralgia. This is usually a headache on the top of their heads. This type of headache is rare compared to other types. This type of headache can make sufferers feel like they are experiencing an intense explosion on their head or that the top of their head is being struck by lightning. The pain radiates down through the spine and starts at the top.


Adults are more likely to experience headaches at the top of their heads. The symptoms include a recurring headache at the top or sides, irritated eyes, and a headache that is not recurrent.

Stress is the most common cause of headaches on the top of your head. The headache is most commonly caused by stress. Anti-depressant drugs and muscle relaxants may be helpful for headache relief. Although headaches on the top of your head are most commonly caused by stress, this may not always be the cause.


Toxemia is a less well-known cause of headaches like the one above. Toxemia is when there are a lot of toxins in the blood vessels, especially in the neck and head areas. Toxin buildup is often caused by eating non-nutritious foods such as junk food or fast foods. Toxin buildup at the top would cause irritation and then headaches. Toxemia is not something you can do overnight.


Healthy eating, regular exercise, and adequate rest are the best ways to get rid of toxemia. It takes only a little bit of commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Healthy eating should include healthy raw fruits and vegetables that are free of toxins. Fruits are best eaten at breakfast and late-night snack. Lunch sandwiches should include raw vegetables like tomato and cucumber.

Toxemia can cause headaches on the top of your head.


It is another effective way to combat headaches on the top of your head. Meditation may sound simple, but it is not. Begin by lying down and taking a deep breath. Keep your eyes closed and pay attention to the pain at the top of the head. This will require some commitment and focus. Focus on the pain and accept it.

The pain will gradually disappear if you are more focused and concentrated. Sometimes your body signals that you need to rest by putting a headache on top of your head. Your body’s natural healing process would be activated by resting.


To get rid of the headache, you might want to try traditional treatments like aromatherapy or acupuncture. As a counter-measure, magnesium might be an option.