Wat zijn uw menopauzale symptomen?

Gelukkig volwassen paar dat op een scooter rijdt in de stad op een zonnige dag

Your menopausal symptoms are directly influenced by your anxiety level. Chronic stress is like a black widow spider. She’ll eat you alive after she’s had her fun with you. Stress certainly serves a nutritious purpose when it’s a brief duration. The hormones released during the flight-or-fight reaction can prime one for fending off that mugger from the back alley.

Wist je dat?

However, once the stress response is constantly or frequently triggered in your body and you have to sit perfectly still as you’re coping with your irritating boss, or you’ve prolonged sleeplessness, your menopausal symptoms will become more bothersome. For instance, your hot flashes can increase in frequency and duration along with your menstrual period may become heavier. Moreover, cortisol, the hormone released during stress, will raise your belly fat, which is all ready a challenge for the menopausal woman.

Although exercising is a well-known healthier outlet for your raging hormones, laughter is going to have the identical stress-relieving qualities. So, if you can’t get to the gym, at least be sure that you are able to throw a great belly laugh. Laughter is particularly important during the menopausal years because of the additional stress that midlife brings. Not only are you challenged by your shifting female hormone levels, but some of you are coping with midlife issues like empty-nest syndrome, caring for aging parents, or coping with problematic marriages.


Laughter really is the best antidote. And it’s totally free! If you truly can’t find anything humorous, then put your energy into spending some time with humorous people, or watching a comedy. Remember to poke fun at your own imperfections and those of others (you might not need to do so to their faces), since in case you understand and can accept that we are all deeply flawed, then there isn’t any reason to try so hard to be perfect.

We have all heard the advice that we need to eliminate toxic folks who vacuum all of the humor out of our lives. I take issue with this because everybody is toxic at various times. If I listened to this crap, I would have emptied my entire life of living things by now, including myself, my crops and my dog. It’s much better to be kind and generous with your buddies and time, and assist other people to rid themselves of toxicity with a fantastic joke.


If you’re still having difficulty seeing the humorous side of life, then pretend it, after all, women are rather good at that. Your body can’t differentiate between real or fake laughter, so it is going to trigger the identical positive hormonal reaction. Your menopausal symptoms will ease and you’ll look and feel fantastic.


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