What Are Signs Of Menopause?

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Menopause can be elating or depressing, depending on how you look at it. The symptoms of menopause vary from one girl to another, but these are generally the signs to search for. If you exhibit any of these symptoms and it worries you, it is always a great idea to see your doctor about it.

Irregular periods

This is more pronounced in healthy women who have undergone regular periods in their childhood. Some periods are a lot heavier than usual while some are nonexistent. The length of intervals may also experience some irregularity – while a period usually lasts around five times in healthy women, the onset of menopause can cause periods to last as short as one day or as long as ten. Remember that menopause does not happen all at once – the first phase of menopause, known as”per-menopause,” usually occurs a couple of years before the full onset of menopause. During per-menopause, you will simply be experiencing the symptoms little by little. The symptoms do not come whole force until much later.


Everyone knows the feeling of blushing – it is like most of the warm blood in the body extends up to the neck and face area. Hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause, and may last for as short as less than a minute into a complete half-hour.

Depression and anxiety

The drop in estrogen levels that accompany menopause can cause some women to feel sad or anxious for no apparent reason. This may be one of menopause’s more serious symptoms, as it might result in more serious psychological or emotional problems if left untreated. With this symptom, it is great to have friends, family members, or a support group nearby.

Decreased libido

Or pain during intercourse. Menopause’s hormonal changes may cause the vagina to be more sensitive and less lubricated, which can make sex painful. This is another problem which may be dangerous if left untreated! These are only a few of the more common symptoms of menopause.


There are other symptoms which are not as common but are still experienced by many women, and they can be very depressing. But as mentioned before, you can opt to think of menopause as a blessing rather than a curse. As an example, if you’re careful about sex before because you wanted to prevent pregnancy, menopause can open the doors to more pleasurable, worry-free sex life. Even if hormonal changes can make the act a bit more painful, but they are alternatives which may be purchased over the counter. Overall, however, it’s always best to consult your doctor once your menopausal symptoms worry you. Menopause affects different women in different ways, so your very own special case might need some special care.