What About The Goddess In The Landscape?

Statue of Goddess Lakshmi.

The Goddess in the ancient world, was viewed as the ground itself. The Great Mother that gave birth to each of the animals and the plants, the ground was her body. So in many areas, there are mountains or mountain ranges named in her honor. Like the Paps on Anu in Ireland, and the Sleeping Beauty Mountain on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides, Scotland.

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The Paps of Anu, situated in county Kerry near the town of Killarney, are breast shaped hills named after the Goddess Anu. She had been the Irish Goddess of fertility and mother to the Tuatha De Danaan, the ancestor to all of the Gods. The ancient folks who worshiped her breast shaped hills, erected nipple such as cairns and standing rock formations to make up her body. After this process was complete, they’d created a girl from the landscape lying on her back.

There’s absolutely no head, arms or legs, only a belly rising up to meet two breasts, all that’s necessary to represent the fertility of the earth, and the fertility of our Great Mother. Isle of Lewis in Scotland. It’s obviously a girl lying on her back with her breasts pointing towards the sky, too with her nipples erected by stones, place our Goddess worshiping ancestors. In Gealic she’s known as “Cailleach na Mointeach” which translates to “The old woman of the Moors”.

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Every nineteen decades or so, there’s a celestial event that occurs with the moon and the Sleeping Beauty. It’s called a lunar standstill, and the moon rises over the Sleeping Beauty’s body as though she’s giving birth to a new lunar cycle. The moon is then thought to pass through the famous Callanish stones a couple of hours later. Some say that when this event occurred in the ancient world, there might have been some ritual practices going on the signify a type of rebirth.

There are many other areas where the Goddess is in the landscape, such as the Paps of Jura in Scotland, the Paps of Morrigan in Ireland, Knockainey Hill in Ireland where the pregnant belly of the Goddess Aine is believed to be, and a Lot More. It’s extremely apparent that our ancestors worshiped our Great Mother in her natural earthly sanctuaries.


They saw hills and mountains as her breasts, or pregnant stomach. Just like they saw caves as her sacred womb. They performed rituals in which the landscape Goddess birthed the moon or the sun, and rituals of transformation by penetrating her sacred womb caves. These individuals clearly honored and revered our Mother Earth, as the Great Cosmic force which is the Goddess. I hope someday to see lots of these terrific websites, and watch the Goddess in her best form as our early ancestors!

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