Wat moet je weten over zelfverdediging voor vrouwen?

Een vooraanzicht van een jonge vrouw die karate beoefent buiten op een terras.

Ik heb een aantal gewone dingen bij elkaar gezocht die je in je huis of op vakantie kunt vinden, of die je in je handtas of aan je lichaam kunt dragen en die je als wapen kunt gebruiken om een aanvaller af te weren. Voordat we beginnen met het bespreken van deze gewone voorwerpen als wapens, zal ik je een eenvoudige houding en blok leren.

Wat moet ik doen?

Open voor de houding uw benen ongeveer op heupbreedte, en buig uw benen, zodat u meer evenwicht hebt. Trek je staart in onder je, door de onderste delen van je heupen en bekken naar voren te rollen. Op die manier zal hij je niet zo gemakkelijk van je voeten kunnen stoten.

A block is when you stop a person’s hit or . Whenever you catch an item in one hand, with the other fist and arm, you’re likely to hold your fist and arm in a protective fashion covering your head and your face. When you strike you’re going to keep your hands and up your fist. Your arm is straight rather than bent.

There are numerous reasons for keeping a protective blocking arm. The first is emotional. An attacker is seeking to bully you quickly. He’s also searching for a simple goal, to get what he needs in a fast manner. When you’re in a defensive position, immediately he might think twice as you don’t appear as a simple, and defenseless target. The second explanation is that you are really covering your face and head from his perspective. You’re obstructing his vision of where to you.

But you can see him from under your arm. You’ve got an advantage. Another more significant reason, is that he might strike with what he has. A block will divert a good deal of the ability of the hit. It’s far better to injure your arm then your face or head. Also a blocking arm may be used to push him back. If you hit him hard enough at a vulnerable stage, he could fall forward and crash right into you with his body or head. Better that he makes contact with your blocking arm rather than your , and he will not have the ability to catch hold of you as he drops.

Let op!

Another reason, if he has a weapon, he’s going to attack your head , because he thinks that is the fastest way to bully you and gain hands. If he knocks you in the head with something hard you’re going to be dazed. Use your arm to block from the beginning and you’ll have a greater probability of defending yourself. Last a blocking arm can quickly become a strike. Here are some common items which may be applied as a weapon: A purse or bag that could have a backpack, or messenger bag, mobile phone, hair brush, aerosol spray bottle, pencil, small umbrella, heel of your shoe, paper or magazine which will be rolled up. We’re going to review all these items to teach you how you can use these common items to your benefit against an attacker.


I would also like you to point out, that one major weapon is missing, and is intentionally missing and that’s any KNIVES. The cause of that is extremely simple. It’s an obvious dangerous weapon your attacker will surely use against you if he has the opportunity. So, I would like to show you how you can use common items your attacker will not suspect as weapons, and can hurt him.

A or some other is absolutely the last resort protection! You don’t need to give your attacker any thoughts, or deadly weapons, he can turn on you. Bringing a knife into any confrontation heightens a confrontation into a possible lethal fight. Frankly, you do not need to endure a horrible sexual attack attempt, or violent assault and have a harrowing legal battle, to defend your choice of using a knife. If you killed a guy with a knife, then the court may not see it as self explanatory.

If you knocked out a man with a bowl out of your cupboard, they’re definitely viewing that as self explanatory. I know it sounds a little crazy, but this is the way the legal system can see using a deadly weapon like a knife or a gun. It’s the last resort. So let us begin now. A heavy purse or tote will be very effective weapon. The area that you’re going to strike with a handbag is the groin or nose.

Doe dit!

Push, or slam the bag right between his thighs. If you’re able to do it several times, you do it with as much pressure as possible. If you’ve got long straps, you will need to grab the bag real near the bag, as your straps may tear off, and then you lose your purse or bag and all of the contents inside.

If it is a heavy bag it may be somewhat unwieldy. You may maneuver the bag between you and him, in a block of protection. This is what I’d do to begin. If you’ve got the bag across you, when you have it draped on one shoulder, then you’d maneuver before you, do not waste time by taking it from across your shoulder.

If he’s attempting to hit you, then you can catch the bag and liquefy it up hard into his nose, this is a excellent block. Also if he’s coming at you with a more deadly weapon, that could puncture skin or stab you, you can place your handbag between him and your own body to shield yourself in the weapon.

Het is beter dat een mes of een scherp wapen uw handtas treft dan dat het een cruciaal orgaan doorboort of ernstige verwondingen toebrengt. U kunt dit doen met een paar verschillende soorten tassen, portemonnees of rugzakken.

Een mobiele telefoon.

Obviously one of the best helps a phone provides you is the ability to call for support. However you should bear in mind that you could really use it as an effective weapon. It’s hard, durable and compact. You’ve got it in your home, and usually in your person, or in your bag. You’re going to take it into your hand as if you’re holding a bottle of water and you will hit hard into the attacker’s groin, right between his legs. Swing hard up to his groin. If you can hit him several times target for the groin, over and over. Hey guess what you could always get a new phone! If he strikes from the trunk, swing down the phone and into his groin.

Even though he might attack you from the trunk, you will still have your arm up in a defensive block. In one moment he can be attacking in the trunk and a minute later, he’s attacking you from the front, so keep your blocking arm, is up and ready. If you will need a follow up attack your blocking arm is about to strike. Also if he’s facing you, and he’s in very tight, and you do not have room to swing it, hold the phone in both hands by the endings in the event you can liquefy the phone directly into his nose. Hit him multiple times in the event that you can handle it. Hit him hard in the eardrum. If you’re holding the phone in one hand, then the other arm comes up as a blocking arm. The last hotel, push a straight shot to the side of the head in the (temple area.) That will hurt.

If you still have your telephone after all that, and it is still working, keep it as you run and call for support. My next thing is a hairbrush. Brushes are available in many shapes and sizes, some with handles and some without. If you can catch a brush without too much trouble, the brush could be a terrific weapon, one with a handle could be simple to grab. You can hit him in the groin, nose, knee cap, or side of head (temple area) or eardrum. For the discussion assume that we’re hitting, or striking in a number of the vulnerable body points, groin, nose, ears, eyes, side of the head, and knee caps. When you hit the groin a hairbrush, it is a straight shot to the groin, or backward and downward swing or upwards swing into his scrotum.

You may use the back or the bristles side, to swing upward, as if you’re swinging a paddle. You can smash it into his nose, or dip downwards to his nose. You can do a straight shot to the temple or to his ear. Another vulnerable place is his knee cap. You would swing down that firmly as if you’re swinging a ping pong paddle, down on his knee with the back of the brush. It could break, but that is okay, on to the next.

Een borstel?

How hard you can hit with a brush? See for yourself. Take your brush and then hit on the back of it against a hard surface such as a seat, imagine if this was the attacker’s knee cap. Now I have mentioned the hair brush, I also wanted to mention that the hair comb or elaborate sticks which that can hold up the hair. You may use it in a stabbing motion. That goes into the eye or groin.

Aerosol spray bottle or can. Very simply. Spray it into his eyes. You would also use the spray can just enjoy the hairbrush and swing it upward or down to his groin. You’ve got to be real careful with an aerosol can, because under it might explode. A pen or pencil. Use a pen or pencil in a stabbing motion. You can aim for the eyes, groin, or side of the neck like this. Keep the blocking arm up and prepared. Small umbrella. This is a small, lightweight and compact “club” The groin is the ideal target for this. It is also possible to open the umbrella into his face, along with his vision blocked, of een knietje in zijn kruis.

When he eventually gets the umbrella from his face, you can punch him into his nose. I’m pretty sure he will not expect that. Another effective way to use an umbrella would be to block a punch, or an intended attack. You may use the closed umbrella to attack back on his wrist if he’s lunging at you with a weapon. Keep your blocking arm up and ready. Heel of your shoe.

Step on the top of the foot. Kick your heels backward into his groin if he’s trying to catch you from behind. Kick into his groin or knee cap. If you’re down on the floor and you are able to reach his face, kick him in the face. If your heel breaks in the battle, or you get a broken heel, from an earlier party, stab downward with it just like you did with the pencil. Groin, or eye if you are able to reach.

If your shoe is off but the heel and shoe is still ingestion, take the shoe in your hand and chop down with the exposed heels. With a fantastic solid heel, while it’s high heel or not, or a fantastic solid schoen; een fantastische trap in het scheenbeen, de knieschijf, of de lies is een echt slopende en effectieve stoot. Voor degenen die tieners of kleine kinderen hebben, leer hen over de schoenen. Het schooluniform wordt meestal geleverd met een heavy duty geklede schoen aan te passen. Krant of tijdschrift.

Andere opties

Both the paper and magazine seem very ordinary. Don’t they? Here we’ve O Magazine and The New York Times Newspaper. If you use these properly they can also be a surprisingly effective weapon. By rolling up the paper or magazine you now have a sturdy, light bar. You may use this as a club just like you did the umbrella. The vulnerable points are the groin, and nose.

Een moeilijke klap- of stootbeweging in zijn neus en een stootbeweging met het opgerolde tijdschrift of krant, in zijn lies. Je kunt dit gebruiken om een klap te blokkeren, of om hem hard op zijn pols te laten neerkomen terwijl je uit de weg stapt. Houd de opgerolde krant of het tijdschrift met één of beide handen vast en duw het in zijn lies. Sla het hard op zijn pols om hem te blokkeren. Deze veel voorkomende dingen heb je waarschijnlijk in je handtas of je hebt tegelijkertijd je favoriete tijdschrift bij je.


Knowing that you can create weapons from common items, gives you an edge. If you’re being attacked, you’ve got resources. Common things as what I’ve described above, won’t be seen as a weapon by your attacker. At this point you will have the element of surprise. I am hoping that none of you reading are assaulted. But be ready, and things will go better if it does happen.


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