Is There A Natural Hot Flash Reliever?

Leonurus cardiaca, motherwort, throw-wort, lion's ear, lion's tail medicinal plant . Transparent glass jar with condemned herbal. Ingredient for cosmetology and non-traditional medicine.

Many women are in need of hot flash relief for this painful condition that may come on suddenly. Modern prescription drugs for menopause symptoms bring with them a variety of side effects, so many girls are turning to natural remedies for menopause symptoms. Hot flashes are waves of warmth that course through the body.


The skin develops increasingly red and there’s excessive perspiration. They may be experienced at any time of day or night and often come on without warning. The symptoms of menopause are caused by hormonal changes in the body, and conventional treatments include hormone replacement therapy.


Several herbs may mimic the effects of hormones in the body and also stimulate their production, so herbs for hot flash relief are an excellent choice for many.

  • Dandelion is a excellent herbal tonic for the liver, and bad liver health can make hot flashes worse. By enhancing liver function, toxins will be easily flushed from the body, which will help prevent symptoms such as headaches. This herb also contains several nutrients that are critical for strengthening the bones, which might be diminished by menopause.
  • Black cohosh is another exceptional treatment for hot flash relief. Studies have proven its efficacy in combating the symptoms of menopause.
  • Fennel contains natural plant estrogens, which can help regulate menstruation and bring the symptoms of menopause in check. Fennel tea is readily available and is the recommended way of administering the herb for reducing bloating and hot flashes.
  • Red clover is a rich in isoflavones that are essential for treating hot flashes and can supply the estrogen that the body needs. However, this herb shouldn’t be used by women experiencing hormone-related cancers.
  • Chasteberry is also called vitex agnus castus and is one of the principal remedies for menopause and regulating general hormone function. It can maintain hormone levels balanced and is helpful for relieving the depression and anxiety associated with menopause.
  • A tincture of motherwort can help reduce the severity and duration of hot flashes. Additionally it is beneficial for balancing the emotions so can help with mood swings. The tincture is more preferable to the tea, as the tea has a very bitter taste.
  • Essential oils of thyme and ginger may be beneficial when inhaled or used as massage oil.
  • Using nettle infusions can ease stress and boost energy levels. It’s a excellent hot flash remedy when they happen at night.
  • Sage is a useful herbal treatment for hot flashes because it contains plant estrogens that could help regulate hot flashes and night sweats.