Brengt mijn persoonlijkheidsstijl me in gevaar?

Black and white portrait of woman and broken self-image mirror

Women’s Safety Secrets – Is Your Personality Style Putting You in Danger? Do you ever wonder why people interpret things so differently from you? Or why it is possible to say something in simple terms and the person you’re talking to may not know? Have you wondered why some folks wind up as victims and others do not?

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Although body language, self-esteem and confidence play a very important role in staying protected from verbal, psychological, psychological and physical assault, character styles have a lot to do with who’s comfortable exhibiting confident body language or having confidence in certain conditions. We all have one dominant and one secondary character style.

As we grow through life experiences and put into scenarios, we’re forced to develop some features of the other two styles merely to get together, keep our occupation or excel in college, for example. As you browse the styles below, remember we are a”mix” of the styles and all have strengths and weaknesses. Also, life has compelled us to soften some of those traits. Also, our character styles change between relationships and business. That’s why somebody can be a barracuda on the job and submissive at home or vice-versa.

Take note

That’s a whole other (and quite interesting) topic!

  • Analytical – the analytical individual wants details. They read every word of the fine print when signing a contract. They need time to think before deciding since being wrong is far out of the comfort zone. They are meticulous, careful and critical. Analytical people are much less likely to be assaulted for being careless.
  • Amiable – the amiable person wants to be everyone’s buddy. They’re comfortable being a silent team player but not the boss. This is the friend who always tells you what you need to hear, whether it’s wrong or right. Amiable individuals never want to offend anyone, so they’re prime targets for all sorts of attacks, including being take advantage of.
  • Driver – the motorist individual is convinced they could do everything better than everybody else and usually can. They get things done, no matter what, have little need for friends and are often unpopular for bulldozing others without noticing. Drivers are so concentrated and let hardly any distract them, making them scary to attackers that are weak, insecure people. They are unlikely to be victims.
  • Expressive – the expressive jumps in with both feet and hardly any thought. They’re the life of the party, always center stage and hate to be lonely. They’ve no difficulty making decisions with little to go on because they know they can always change their mind and make a new choice. Because expressives jump in without checking things out and think everybody is safe, they’re prime targets for all four kinds of attack.


What are your primary and secondary character styles? I’m an expressive-driver. I’ve been made to develop analytical features to conduct a company and amiable characteristics so as to relate to amiable people as they are often my customers.