How To Prevent Swine Flu?

Virus infection cause chronic disease. 3d illustration

To prevent swine influenza, lots of individuals believe that wearing face masks and popping vitamin supplements will boost their immunity against the disease. However, many experts feel that we will need to do more to maintain swine flu at bay. Wearing a face mask just stops an infected individual from coughing and sneezing on other men and women. It doesn’t stop germs from invading our bodies.


Taking vitamin supplements won’t help if we don’t embrace a healthy lifestyle. We’re particularly vulnerable to swine flu in the moment since the vaccine isn’t yet available. The best way to handle swine flu is to boost our immune system. Experts recommend eating a balanced diet, with at least five to seven servings of fresh vegetables and fruit. Your daily diet should also have decent protein and essential fatty acids. Eggs and meat are excellent options. E

xperts have discovered that during moderate exercise, immune cells circulate throughout the body faster and have the ability to track down and kill viruses and bacteria more promptly. After exercise finishes, the immune system returns to normal after a couple of hours. But while you exercise frequently, the positive immune reaction your body exhibits appears longer lasting.

Vitamin A must keep tissues lining our lungs and digestive tract. Sweet potatoes and carrots are excellent sources of Vitamin A. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which prevents inflammation of our tissue liner. Our bodies have an opportunity to rejuvenate and experience cell renewal once we sleep. This helps to ensure that our immunity system is functioning at an optimum level at all times. We should also sleep in well-ventilated rooms. Smoking compromises the respiratory system, making it more vulnerable to attacks by influenza viruses and other germs.


By maintaining a nutritious diet, a smoker is very likely to cut back on cigarettes as a nutritious diet spoils their taste for cigarettes. It’ll make quitting smoking easier. Cleanse and encourage the bloodstream with garlic, tomato, spinach and nettle tea. Improve blood flow with regular dry skin brushing. This helps to reduce cellulite in women also. Would you like additional free advice on how best to cope with the present swine flu pandemic?


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