How To Pamper Mom In Mothers Day?

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Mothers Day is the day we set aside each year to show appreciation to our own mother and to the mothers in our lives that we love. Traditionally Mothers Day is the big “Flowers and Chocolate” day. While most moms do enjoy lovely flowers and chocolate, below are a few ways that we can pamper mom with gifts and activities that she’ll remember for years to come.


Treat mom to a relaxing massage. Besides just feeling great massage offers many advantages for your body such as reducing stress and anxiety, improves circulation, relieves general body tension and muscle stiffness, improves muscle tone, removes toxins in the muscles, improves flexibility in joints and muscles, improves the immune system, promotes healthy skin and a whole lot more.

Mom will love a gift basket full of a variety of stress relieving goodies to pamper herself Mothers Day or anytime she wants to relax. Some ideas of what you could incorporate in her Spa Basket are scented bath gel, bath salts, body lotions, candles, eye pillow, bath pillow and bath brush.

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Moms love to record exceptional events, especially those events that have special moments with their kids. A journal is a wonderful affordable gift where she can record her special thoughts and memories. You can take it a step further by providing her a scrapbook where she can add images, fun boundaries, scrapbook embellishments and much more to her written ideas. This gift can last forever!

Scented Candles

These are a really inexpensive and functional gift that any mom will love. Candles offer a relaxing mood and can help her to de-stress by supplying memories of particular events. A baby scented candle could remind her of when she first held you. A peppermint scented candle can bring back memories of Christmas you spent together.

Candles are available in many shapes, sizes and scents so you’re guaranteed to find one to remind mother of a unique time you shared together. Once you find a scent mom enjoys add a small note to the gift card of what particular time you spent together the odor you chose represents. Moms like being pampered and a facial is a superb relaxing way to do it.

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Treat mom to a “Clean House Day” in which you wash her house from top to bottom while she spends her day relaxing and enjoying herself doing whatever it is she likes to do. Mommy and Me days aren’t just for mother and little ones . You and mother can spend the day doing anything is relaxing and enjoyable for you both. Having lunch or dinner together, watching a movie, visiting the spa for massages and facials together, whatever she would love to do.

The purpose is to give her the gift of knowing that you love her and love spending quality time with her. Sometimes mom just needs a little time to break free from the everyday chores in life like cooking and cleaning the house. Send her on a date with daddy to their favourite restaurant.


Give the gift of good health to your mother this Mothers Day with a membership to a Yoga class. Yoga is very good for relaxation and flexibility in addition to being a fun way to get fit and stay healthy. This trick can be the most overlooked! All of us love our moms but occasionally as we get older and get busy with our own lives we take mother for granted and forget the gift that’s most important for her- US! Spend quality time with mother. Give her a big hug and tell her that you love and love her. It’s a free gift and one that mother will love all.

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