How To Be A Woman Goddess?

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Today, once more, the Ezine forum has managed to unite me with my respect readers; and I’m hopeful that readers could have been able to decode my true goal; as to what I will debate about? Once more, the very purpose of a female body is defeated if I don’t talk about her sexual needs and urges, passions, desires and livelihood connected to her social standing and duties.

Wist je dat?

All civilizations have, by and large, given a very high social status to a woman. I classify my girl in two unique categories in a civilized society. While she’s admired as grand mother, mom, sister, wife and daughter in class one, and seen a concubine, prostitute, whore, second wife, lover and what not in other. My readers would agree that the first class relationship has given a woman an authoritative standing, respect and honorable place in the family, society and world; but the next relationships has exhibited feeling of dejection, insolence and lust pleasing entity.

A woman is meeting different functions at both the areas but with a different strategy. How do I specify my girl of today isn’t a very dull question but how would world look at my girl in future matters most? Up to now, I have noted with great concern that a woman is the most helpless and vulnerable being, therefore, she has really easily lured by worldly vices of devil’s heart. My readers would agree that while every culture and society has preached that sexual relationships out side a legally bonded wedlock are unethically a crime and a lot of the guys despite knowing well do commit this crime?

Goed om te weten.

Firstly; I would explore the true difference of sexual needs and urges of a woman which determines her social status. Today, leaving aside guys, I’d share my perspectives on four fundamental wishes of a woman known previously. A woman body, from the merit of god’s gift, is capable of absorbing complete moonlight radiating beams through vulnerability, therefore, she’s having different humble sacrificing and tolerable inborn qualities that give her strength to bear all of the offenses committed on her body against her will.

The main aspect I will talk about is as to what is the real place of sex in a lady’s joyous life? How far can she go to meet the sexual needs and urges? I’m intentionally discussing the term sexual needs and urges because I believe that with no woman’s place in a society is hard to define. While, I view the sexual needs in a female are minimal on one side, the sexual urges are rare in the majority of the women but a number of them over 2% have exhibited high sexual urges.

Such women have confessed to go to some extend to satisfy their lust. How far I am right, readers would pick, but according to my poll it’s almost 96% true. I feel to elaborate about urges and needs as well. A Woman’s sexual desires make her Goddess and sensual urges a crazy cat. How, allow me to debate hereafter? I feel a woman’s body is her prime riches; and each girl takes care off her body with absolute dedication. If she lives with in the ambit of mature franchised social etiquettes, her entire body sexual desires are fulfilled according to her will but when she enriches her sexual urges than there are chances of going astray.

Hou in gedachten

By all means, I don’t advocate suppressing of sexual needs with in legitimate principles of a social network; but I really do disagree in fulfilling sexual urges beyond societal customs. I may be termed as dogmatist, chauvinist and bigot with some liberal believing women organizations but what I believe accurate according to orders of Gospel of fact I write. While sexual demands form a part of obligatory biological requirements, the urges are forced upon, over and over, a woman’s body needs. Though, the difference between a goddess and a concubine is as thin as eye lid twinkling gap, but fall in both social standing is beyond understanding. While the demands bind both woman and man to live within social habits, the urges drive them mad to commit adultery outside their well established connection.

The sexual needs further assist a woman to control her urges; but sexual urges drive her mad to drift to next category. Meeting the sexual needs are, generally viewed and considered sacred ritualistic duty, but the sexual urges, I depict as lewd and lustful acts. While fulfilling her needs, a woman is fulfilling both, body and social duties, but copulating out unwanted habits is indicative of fulfilling her sexual urges. Every time a woman fulfills her sexual impulse, she’s left morally hurt. The hurt though nobody could see but it’s deep inside, at the some corner of her heart; she can always feels everyday. I’ve encounter a woman who, before committing suicide, had confided to her very best friend about an adulterous act before marriage which she had committed. When she was almost forth years old, she stated that she can’t bear the guilt of cheating her husband for more than three years of her infidelity.

She was also sure her husband never knew about her sexual relationship before unions but she felt guilty thus ending her life. I think that sexual urges make a girl restless, uncomfortable and unpredictable. She constantly looks for an chance to satisfy her urge. She gets alienated from her first source of arrival of reuniting with the God and gets trapped in the body delights of cupidity and profanity. Secondly; after debating urges and needs, I feel obliged to talk about a woman’s passion, passion making her goddess and passion which drives her away to worldly materialistic pleasures. It’s the passion with which day’s girl wants to attain greater height.

Houd rekening met

Shall I ask, which larger height today’s woman is considering. What’s still left to get a woman in our society to reach? Every religion besides Islam advocates worshipping of girl in one form or another. Hindus worship her in all types of relationships as mother, sister, daughter and wife. Greeks regards her as Venus and the Christian pray as mom Marry. Irrespective of a woman’s social standing, the fire of being individual has driven out a woman in the road to become victim of second category. The passion of freedom, equal rights and authoritative liberty has pushed the majority of the today’s girls towards sexual urges.

Sometimes, few girls enter sexual relationships to grow in professional career or become a beauty queen. The livelihood of a woman was well orchestrated by God to be mother of all human and guide them towards salvation but Alas! She drifted towards worldly pleasure out side her inherited legacy of God’s dictates. A woman does no recognize that six forms of God and Goddess live within her body to be certain she gives birth to God’s own form as a human. The fire, if followed with in the demands of society, I feel it makes a girl transcend all heights of her excitement, but if pursued to fulfill obsession, it contributes to evil doings.

Similarly, the fire to become wealthy isn’t bad, but obsession to be wealthy no matter the means tantamount to perpetrate crime. During, my analysis, I observed that over 63.3percent of ambitious women, that are working at different articles, to make their fire, their obsession, they’d ended up deep in to sexual muddle and body disrespect. The very goal of pious body of a woman is defeated when it’s shared with other guys. Therefore, the enthusiasm to guide her family through difficulties is the actual strength of my girl, but fire of seeing other human beings gloomy is of wicked woman’s deeds. Whereas the Bible honors and equates a woman with that of founder but Hindu’s lord Krishna identifies a girl in Gita as SOUL of men.

Pious women

I consider my pious girl the Axial of the Universe (AOU). Thirdly, I would deliberate on other issues which arise from professions and desires. I think a woman is founder’s creator. If that is the standing of a lady, then where’s her place in the world as a whole? Again, considering her supreme idol of love, worship, sacrifice and adoration, I discover that her place is high above in the sky blessings and directing the path of humankind; and to not be rolled over at the altar of vices of sex, lust and sexual urges. The desires are of different kinds and one that brings a woman from the social bondages is less appraisable, than those that drift her away.

Once a woman’s wants transcend her limits, she gets to the livelihood of her life. The profession of raring her offspring is imbibed in her blood but fulfilling the 2 ends of her family are worldly needs. Though, the actual profession of a lady is well defined by the founder when casting her pious body, but to fulfill her body needs her worldly profession is marred with societal confusion. The Western men’s prognosis and Islamic approach in working with a woman is directly connected with God’s imagination rather than with the woman’s social rights and liberties. I consider a professional girl is one that steers her family through hardest times of expansion rather than one who climbs to the helm of an organization through lust, sex and satisfaction for locating place in the society.

While developing a woman’s body, my God has infused ten feelings and sensations amongst her entire body with each using a well defined function to perform. Though the science could take another million years to identify through genes and chromosomes but spirituality has defined time and again. If you develop your sexual desire over your will to breast feeding your child, a woman would discover that her lactation period has decreased and her mammary glands have dried up earlier than God desired. The other kinds of skilled woman take second approach contrary to the will of God just to sustain her body riches for whom God knows?

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