Wil je de menopauze begrijpen?

Oudere vrouw ervaart opvliegers door menopauze

Most signs and symptoms of may deem unpleasant but every needs to know it is a natural phenomenon due to the body’s hormonal changes. The reproductive of women, estrogen and progesterone are produced less and might have irregular levels due to continuous fluctuations.

Hot Flashes happen as the sudden increase in body temperature until it peaks and begins to return to normal temperatures. The woman may experience weakness and heavy perspiration. To alleviate the distress, traditionally women have taken or drugs such as SSRIs. Changes in menstrual cycle happen like skipped menstrual cycle and periods or heavy or light bleeding. All of these are normal indicators when nearing menopause.

occurs as a result of decrease in Estrogen levels. The skin loses moisture and elasticity because of the shrinking of fatty layers under the skin. These changes contribute to older age. Lotions and moisturizers may be applied to dry skin areas. Changes in the such as dryness, itching and atrophy can also be due to the reduction in estrogen levels. There’ll be reduction of cervical which may precipitate disease. It’s very important to clean hygiene and proper lubrication when having to reduce pain because of dryness.

Wat gebeurt er?

Breast begins to droop and flatten, losing their youthful fullness. Breast tenderness and cyst may seem because of irregular menstrual cycles. Occurrence of breast mass which are fixed, painless and immovable may require additional evaluation by physician. Backaches may be associated with reduction in strength due to the reduction in the degree of Estrogen and Progesterone.

Severe loss of bone strength can result to . Proper posture is important and supplements are highly advised. Emotional issues and mood changes are observed because of the fluctuation of levels. It’s necessary that they’d be known and supported currently. It’s important to talk to your Physicians and Gynecologist so as to make preparations for menopause.

Additionally it is important for women to undergo a complete medical check up to determine health risks which might be present and to fix the underlying issues. It’s very important to live a through the young years so as to remain healthy at old age. While this is traditionally the route a lot of women take, it’s crucial to learn the more natural approach which has been used with success also.


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