Do Menopause Supplements Work?


During a woman’s life, certain things are inevitable, ovulation; menstruation and menopause are 3 things almost every woman can rely upon. When your body has released the previous egg through ovulation you may begin menopause, and because every woman has a particular number of eggs it’ll happen eventually.


During menopause, you might endure various symptoms, many of which may be relieved with hormone replacement therapy. However, some are worried about increased risks of cardiovascular disease, blood clots and breast cancer, which is why many choose menopause supplements instead.

One very common symptom of menopause is the hot flash. It can start as a warm tingly feeling accompanied by flushing, heavy perspiration and eventually a cold and clammy feeling.

Hot Flash

Generally, a hot flash will start in the head and travel down to the chest region. Average length of a flash is about four minutes but they could be shorter or slightly longer depending on the person. Women are known to experience hot flashes for up to five years after their last period. Drink a glass of cool water in the start, this can alleviate it somewhat.

Another often-experienced symptom of menopause is a lowered libido. Lowered levels of testosterone and estrogen and testosterone in the system contribute to less appetite for sexual intercourse. At precisely the exact same time the absence of hormones cause vaginal dryness that makes sex painful. For many women it simply isn’t worth the effort to try to keep up sexual appetite.

Take Note

  • Wild yam- this is a natural menopause supplement which replaces estrogen and progesterone, taking it can help boost your libido. External lubricants- if your problems are more associated with vaginal dryness you may find relief with over the counter lubricants. Irritability and mood swings are common too, they are a direct effect of changing hormones and can be very tricky to live with. One minute you’re fine the next in tears and the very next angry beyond measure, as you can imagine this is not any fun whatsoever!
  • Ginseng- a extremely common mood enhancing supplement and it works well for women during menopause also.
  • Acupressure- when done properly acupressure can relieve many symptoms of menopause, such as irritability and mood swings. Menopause treatments are available in many forms including natural menopause supplements. Perhaps, among the quickest and best options is acupressure.


Chinese medicine has used some sort of acupuncture or pressure for generations to deal with an assortment of ailments and several women have reported relief in minutes of this kind of menopause supplement therapy. It’s nevertheless, not mandatory for all women to experience all this sort of signs and symptoms of menopause. Some women may not experience a lot of them whilst others could encounter all them. All signs and symptoms of menopause rely mostly on fluctuation of your hormone levels along with your personal body capability to keep this sort of hormonal fluctuations.