Do I Have Chronic Sinus Headache Or Migraine?

Viral sinusitis

Many people have problems with chronic sinus headaches. Outward indications of pain, stress, congestion, and irritated eye are common. particularly when over-the-counter discomfort relievers and decongestant appear to do nothing to alleviate your pain. Once the obvious solution can not work – what will be the next phase? It turns out that a lot of people who believe they have problems with chronic sinus infections are in fact experiencing the outward indications of migraine.


When the arteries around your sinuses turn out to be swollen and enlarged, this may irritate the surrounding tissue evoking the sensation of discomfort and tenderness. Additional unwanted effects can include congestion because the sinuses will turn out to be narrowed due to inflammation. How will you tell the distinction? Sinus infections also needs to be associated with fever, and green or yellowish nasal discharge. If whatever you are experiencing is discomfort and stuffiness, think about the migraine alternate.

Migraines that result in sinus swelling may also create an ideal environment for the normal bacterias in the sinuses to breed of dog. This may in turn actually result in a sinus infection.


Do you know the treatment options? In case you are experiencing migraines you will need a treatment plan which will address the reason for your pain, not simply the symptoms. As time passes these treatments become less efficient and have been recognized to cause increased pain by means of rebound headaches. Migraine episodes are the consequence of excited neurons in the mind that leads to an inflammatory reaction of the arteries.

Preventative medication is often recommended for anyone experiencing a lot more than four migraines monthly. If this appears like you, then please consult with your physician to explore your options.


For folks experiencing fewer migraines, abortive medicine – medication that stops migraines because they begin – like triptans, could be particularly effective. Remember that a visit to your physician is essential for proper diagnosis and therapy. What else is it possible to do? Many people have all the best using home humidifiers to help keep their sinuses moist. Both items are easily offered by most pharmacies.