Can The Use Of Black Cohosh Control Menopausal Symptoms?


The use of black cohosh for reduction of menopausal symptoms may be among the most controversial of all of the remedies for menopause. Herbal supplements, for example cohosh, don’t need to be controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. A product being marketed as cohosh may, in fact, contain little to no cohosh. A woman wanting to use this supplement would have to buy it from a reputable distributor, whom she trusts.


Cohosh has been used by Native Americans, through time, to naturally treat various kinds of illnesses. Western women that started to utilize cohosh, as among the remedies for menopause, discovered a terrific reduction in certain symptoms. Cohosh’s reputation to deal with hot flashes has sparked the attention of many menopausal women searching for relief.

The main difficulty surrounding cohosh is the side-effects it triggers in certain women. Women who have taken cohosh to control hot flashes report an increase in headaches and weight gain. Cohosh also appears to be a contributor to stomach pains and distress. There’s absolutely not any medical advice on why cohosh causes these side effects.

Western medicine doesn’t fully understand why cohosh works to reduce hot flashes in menopausal women. Doctors, who have studied the consequences of cohosh, often feel that cohosh works in precisely the exact same way as other treatments for menopause.

Hormonal Changes

In menopausal women estrogen levels are falling at a fast rate. Herbs and medications that have the ability to increase these estrogen levels often assist with the bothersome menopausal symptoms. The safest way to increase these levels remains a very contentious topic. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has said that short term use of cohosh might be effective to reduce the symptoms of menopause.

In their report they caution against using cohosh for just about a six month time period. This is because there’s not any information on the long term harm which might result from cohosh.


If a woman wishes to use cohosh as among her remedies for menopause, she should first weigh out the advantages and side effects. The patient could be replacing hot flashes and fatigue with headaches and stomach issues. Anyone using any sort of nutritional supplement or herb should do so only under the careful watch of an expert. The woman should get a physician who specializes in herbal remedies. This physician will have the most knowledge about nutritional supplements like cohosh.