Does Equality For Women Really Exist?

Equality For Women – Does it Exist Really? Feminist campaigners struggle constantly to attain true equality for women but like Utopia, does this type of constant state really exist or are these pursuers of fairness and equality wasting their time? Among the pet projects of protesters for equality everywhere may be the situation at work where male employees and paid a lot more than their female colleagues since they are men.


A substantial obstacle to overcome gets an admission out of CEOs that their companies aren’t exercising an equality programme – rather like getting an alcolholic to admit that he/she includes a drink problem. Or like attempting to hang a jelly on the ceiling. Unfortunately (or fortunately, based on your viewpoint) women just can’t stand being equal except when it suits them. Equality at work is desirable needless to say, especially pertaining to the quantity of remuneration a female will be able to expect.

Equality in the restaurant once the check must be settled isn’t quite so enjoyable. Annoyingly, however, a lot of women continue steadily to tolerate these circumstances, even yet in companies in which a simple interview with the HR Department or perhaps a line manager would sort the issue out and bring salaries to a fairer level. Why? Because women are much too prepared to compromise and anxious in way too many instances to simply accept a compromise, seeing their less expensive in the scheme of what to be some form of weird insurance against redundancy.

This strange logic isn’t as silly because it sounds. In the present climate it would certainly be tempting to stay within the lines of economy and weed out the more expensive executives in favour of women if they are cheaper to run and do the same service, although the cost of making men redundant might outweigh the economies made. The role of ladies in the workplace is changing slowly but.


The champions of the feminine cause need only wait with interest to see how the male role of hunter gatherer morphs into something less dominant as the next decade brings considerably more power and authority to women. Jan Gamm writes reflections on life with an emphasis on world travel. She’s lived in lots of countries and traveled in china and taiwan extensively, the Middle East, America, South America and throughout the South Pacific. She writes for fun and for the money whenever it could be managed by her.


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