Zijn vrouwen onveilig in India?

Beawar, Rajasthan, India - 20 april 2020: Anganwadi-werkers die een beschermend gezichtsmasker dragen, interageren met een vrouw tijdens een huis-aan-huis onderzoek om de verspreiding van het nieuwe coronavirus te controleren, in een sloppenwijk in Beawar.

Echt een myself, Not merely do people give dirty stares for you if you are on the highway, however, many dare to the touch you in uncomfortable places even. This happens way more if you are in a bus, metro or train, jam-packed with people.

If you visit the police to report something, they’ll harass you subsequently and in a few full cases, as happened in recently, they could even won’t take your complaint in the event that you say you have already been raped even! Yes, it really is true if you may be horrified to learn this.

This is actually the harsh reality ladies in India you live with. Travelling simply by oneself during the night is among the most dangerous items that a woman may need to do because you could be molested, raped or gang-raped at any stage even! Where may be the respect for ladies in society? They’re forced to are prostitutes for the others of these lives. Even educated ladies in many homes need to face the physical and verbal assaults of these husbands and in-laws. Many protest; many don’t.

If this is actually the case in cities still, imagine the problem in rural regions of the national country. Domestic is this type of familiar name in this national country. It is dowry-related mostly. Although national government has banned the dowry system, everything appears to go right under its nose on.


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