What To Know About Migraine Prevention?

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Your body’s most important nutrients are enzymes. They are responsible for every reaction that allows you live, including thinking, moving, breathing, and so on. Raw food contains enzymes, which are destroyed by heat. Adding to and conserving your enzymes will make you live longer and healthier, and can also help prevent migraine headaches. Why are enzymes so important? Enzymes are essential to your life. You die if they are gone. Unfortunately, you have a limited ability to make them.


Research shows that your body only has a limited amount of enzymes it can make. Nature intended that you would be able to preserve and increase your enzyme stores by carefully choosing what you eat. This is not possible for many reasons. Enzymes are large proteins that speed up every chemical reaction in your body. Enzymes are essential for everything, from cell division to brain activity. Your enzyme levels directly affect the quality of your life.

What Types of Enzymes are There? There are about two dozen types of digestive enzymes, most of which are produced by the pancreas. There are hundreds and even hundreds of Metabolic Enzymes, which can be found in all tissues. They are responsible for all bodily processes, except digestion.

Dietary Enzymes

The enzymes found in raw food. Why is Raw Food Important? Raw food contains enzymes that are specifically designed to digest itself. These enzymes start the process when the food is in your mouth and being chewed. The enzymes continue to work while the food is still in your stomach’s upper (cardiac). Why is this valuable? Raw food contains its own enzymes which means it takes the load off your body’s digestive enzymes as well as your metabolic enzymes.

Your enzyme storehouse doesn’t get depleted as quickly as if IT had all the digestive power for everything. What about cooked food? The enzymes in cooked food are destroyed when they are cooked. Your body must produce and secrete 100% enzymes in order to digest cooked foods. Your body may not be able produce enough digestive enzymes depending on how much and what type of food you eat. It will then take metabolic enzymes from your tissues and convert them into digestive enzymes.

The Problem

Why is this a problem? This is a problem because metabolic enzymes are being diverted to digest food. They are not doing their primary job — regulating the heart, the brain, and the rest of your body. You are effectively creating a competition for enzymes between the various organs and tissue of your body. Insufficient metabolic enzymes can lead to inflammation, decreased healing ability, and migraines. Incompletely digested foods can lead to toxins in the bowel, which can seep out and enter the bloodstream.

This can also cause headaches. What happens if the supply of metabolic enzymes is also exhausted? Your cells cannot receive enough energy from the chemical processes that they can’t run fast enough.

What can you do?

You should eat as many foods as possible in their raw form. This will allow you to use the dietary enzymes of the food to predigest it and reduce the strain on your digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes. Eat lots of enzyme-rich food. Organic foods are best. Organic compost contains high levels of enzymes, so organic foods have higher concentrations of enzymes than conventionally grown food. Organic foods are free from pesticides and other toxic substances that can poison your body.