What To Know About Aura Cleansing?

Beautiful girl doing yoga in the woods. Woman in Lotus position. The rays of the sun

I’ve already mentioned the importance of looking after our auras as much as we do with our personal hygiene. I will attempt to point out a few simple ways to incorporate air cleansing into your own lives.

Aura spray

You can create your own air cleansing spray really easy using essential oils. Some essential oils are able to cleanse the energy filed of our own bodies and the environment. Use a spray bottle and fill it with pure mineral, filtered or rose water. Add a few drops from one or more essential oils of choice. Some Terrific oils for air cleansing include: Peppermint, Cypress, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Orange, Lemon, Juniper, Rose, Rosemary, Bergamot, Sage, Vetiver, Patchouli and Geranium.

Shake the mixture well and use daily with a couple of sprays from the surface of the head along the body to the toes. Meditation – all sorts of meditation techniques are helpful for the religious body. You could begin by focusing on the breath.

Try this

Visualize that you breathe light into the heart chakra and as you breathe out, the light spreads to the whole body and the energy field around. Visualize the light is cleansing the air and you feel more energized and lively. Feel free to pick your favourite meditative technique that makes you feel calm, relaxed and refreshed. For causing the meditative state more easily, you could always use the support of essential oils.

Don’t worry if you do not have sufficient time for meditation. You can always start small and build up as much as your schedule permits. Epsom salt tub – bathing in water is helpful for the air for it clears some of those stuck bad energy.


Adding Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) will enhance this impact. Moreover Magnesium can help you detox the body and strengthen the nervous system for the nutrient is absorbed through the skin. Clearing out bodily and psychological toxins with Epsom salts will raise the energetic field of the human body thus boosting the atmosphere. If you do not have a bath tub, you can use a homemade Epsom salt exfoliator. Just mix some Magnesium salts using a tiny carrier oil of choice!

Sun bathing

It’s no coincidence that the Sun has been worshiped by our early ancestors. We’re creatures of light and we can’t exit without it. Many psychologists maintain proving that the majority of the depressive conditions and immune system flaws are consequences of reduced exposure to natural light sources. To put it differently, try to spend some time in natural light out or even on the balcony so long as possible. And remember to be careful in the summer or any time you’re in the snowy mountains! Always use sunscreen once the ultraviolet index is high! Some low frequency energies cannot survive sun bathing and therefore you’re strengthening your biofield.

Spending time in nature

This stage is usually combined with the last one especially when the weather is sunny. Nature has a natural high vibrational frequency and absorbs all types of negative energies. This is the reason a lot of religious guides suggest we hugged a tree (even though it looks funny) or we walked barefoot on the floor (the so called “earthing”). Gaia is obviously very generous giving us energy and cleansing our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Smudging – smudging is famous for quite a long time.

Native American tribes are perhaps the first to burn certain herbs to be able to bless/clear the distance or a person. Smudging resembles the Egyptian and Christian religious rituals of burning Frankincense. There are various herbs which may be used for this process, but for saving time you may use ready-made smudge sticks. Simply light the herbal package until it begins to smolder. Next, start making rotational moves around the body from head to toe. You can combine this ritual with meditation, saying a prayer, visualizations or positive affirmations. Be cautious with smudging, at times the odor from the herbs (especially Sage) could be excruciating for many people.

Nota finale

Spending time – I’ve already mentioned sun bathing, because light is the energy using a high frequency that’s closest to the Source. Water is right next to light on the vibrational scale. And because our bodies contain large proportion water, our air is extremely sensitive to the vibration of water molecules. Try the Epsom salt baths in your home or find the purest water basin acceptable for swimming. Beneficial for the biofield are springs and mineral balneotherapy baths.