Cosa aiuta a rafforzare il tuo sistema immunitario?

It’s no secret that we eat to keep alive. We’re told from the time we’re kids that food provides energy, exercise keeps you in shape and herbs are just if you”believe.” But there is more to it than that – these are the “tools” that can help improve your immune system. Food provides a lot more than energy.

Fattore nutrizionale

The nutrients in food are the building blocks. These building blocks are used on a daily basis to produce new cells such as your white blood cells, also referred to as your immune cells. So once you hear the old adage to “eat a balanced diet,” this is the reason. Actually – this balanced diet ought to be clarified further to include getting tons of fresh veggies and fruits.

And just so that you know – organic produce has been shown to have around 40 percent more nutrients. Eating lots of healthy foods like fruits and veggies will provide you the building blocks your body will use to enhance your immune system. Just as healthy food provides you the building blocks essential to enhance your immune system, junk food will rob your body of those nutrients leaving less than what you will need to stay healthy. It requires a good deal of “energy” to break down food.

Buono a sapersi

These kinds of foods aren’t readily digested and many contain compounds the body does not recognize which might be saved as toxins. It might be in minute quantities, but on a daily basis they add up! Many people have a hard time eating our share of fruits and veggies, so fresh-made fruit and veggie juice might be more convenient. In actuality, you can drink the nutrients of 10 carrots and assimilate all their nutrients but it’s almost impossible to consume, digest and digest the identical amount. This is beneficial for those on the run or who enjoy the additional nutrition.


Exercise has been proven to strengthen the body and stimulate the immune system. It gets blood flowing and helps your lymphatic system proceed. This will make certain your body carries waste out while at the exact same time transports necessary nutrients to where it is needed.

Additionally – your breathing will deepen to efficiently carry out metabolic waste. Herbs have been researched more now due to their known effectiveness to assist your body. Echinacea has been proven to improve the immune system, garlic helps kill bacteria and other germs, and a chemical in goldenseal has been proven to work against infections and tumors.

Herbal help

These are only a few examples of how herbs work. In terms of side effects – there are none. What is revealed is how the body varies by revving metabolism or better assimilation – a side effect you would also find by switching to a healthy diet. One thing to watch for yet is the body’s response if you’re taking medications. Essential Oils like lemon and lavender oil, are demonstrated to work by boosting the immune system and killing germs and pathogens. If you choose to use them, make sure you dilute them with a”carrier oil” such as olive, coconut or almond oil. Cleansing can help your body clean built up waste and stored toxins. This would help improve your immune system by taking away the extra burden of having to combat stored toxins on a daily basis. Your immune system has a daily bombardment of bacteria, pathogens and virus – regardless of how much you wash your hands. So help your body by eliminating any extra waste.


These are simply some of the things which you can do to help your body become more powerful and enhance your immune system. But remember – healthful food and herbs do not heal your body. These are tools that will assist you make your body stronger so it can do what it had been made to keep you healthy and alive. Learn more about your immune system in Strengthen Your Immune System.


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