Cosa significa vivere in armonia?

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Living in harmony means physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Harmonic living ways to feel the inter-connectedness with all creation, and realizing our potential as happy, fulfilled and healthy individuals. It means listening to the wisdom within.

Harmonic life

Living a harmonic life means living it each day, not just now and then sitting isolated from the world, performing a spiritual contemplationaway from the pressures of everyday life or a few withdrawing from what is felt dangerous and difficult. Although we need a few periods in isolation away from the regular life’s turbulence, we need to discover how to live a harmonic life whatever we do, whichever scenario we’re in.

Today’s fast-paced life brings with it large amounts of anxiety. Some investigators report that the percentage of employees who were feeling highly stressed at work more than doubled from 1985 to 1990. Stress in the workplace is estimated to cost U.S. 300 billion yearly and 60-80% of industrial accidents are due to stress.

Tenete a mente

One thing is changing the environment so that such anxiety isn’t likely to occur. Another and considerably more powerful method is to change ourselves to better deal with stressful situations and live a harmonic life even if the situation normally would lead to stress. We know from recent research that stress plays a substantial role in cardiovascular disease, cancer, gastrointestinal, skin, neurological and psychological disorders, in addition to lots of disorders related to immune system disturbances, which range from the common cold and herpes, to arthritis, cancer, and even AIDS.

What you will need to do to live a harmonic life would be to build in phases of retreats where you are able to step away from your daily life and reassess and reevaluate how you’re conducting your life. This can enable you to be completely in the present with an open center and slowly feel a more harmonic means of living.

Nota finale

If you can set aside at least half an hour a day doing meditation you can gradually experience a harmonic life included a true sense of joy and peace. Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. Terje is a Sociologist who enjoys contributing to the personal growth and happiness of others. He tries to accomplish this by writing about self improvement issues from his own experience and knowledge.

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