Quali sono le cause dell'infezione da lievito maschile?

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Male yeast infection symptoms can sometimes be subtle or undetected. This is why they are often overlooked and even denied. These infections are most obvious in women, as symptoms can be detected early in the disease process. However, male yeast infection symptoms are often not recognized in men. This is a common problem that men don’t want to admit to.

Yeast Infection

Male and female yeast infections are very similar. Both suffer from the unbearable itching, the painful burns when there is a leak, and the white, almost cottage cheese-like, discharge. Men can develop sores and redden the penile area, as well as dry, cracked skin. This makes the condition very painful. It is very easy for men to contract the infection. The perfect environment for yeast growth is a glans that is moist and warm (think in your swimming trunks).

Men who are sexually active can get it from a partner with a genital yeast disease, from an oral sex partner with someone with thrush, and from anal sex with someone with a perianal yeast infection. A man should contact his doctor if he discovers that his partner has an infection. Usually, the OB-GYN will prescribe a round of fungicidal medication for both partners, even if there are no symptoms.


To stop the cycle of infection, it’s important to end contact with the medicine. If the infection is still early, there are some home remedies that can be used to treat it. Some men have tried to use probiotic capsules, such as powder, on infected areas. This works in the same way that plain yogurt does for women, but without all of the mess.

  • White vinegar can be combined with antifungal creams to increase their effectiveness in killing yeast infections. The symptoms of male yeast infection disappear quickly, according to some. The white vinegar can be used directly on the penile area in dilute form. Keep the area dry during treatment. Boxers are a good option.
  • Tea tree powder can be used to keep you dry and also treat your fungal infection. These infections can be contagious so make sure you are not around your sex partner. It is easy to play “catch”, and your partner will not appreciate you giving it back.


There are ways to prevent this from happening again. This is why a condom is a great tool. Unprotected sex is one of the most common ways to get male yeast infection symptoms. Condoms containing the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 should not be used. Combining lubricants with this condom can increase the infection risk for both men as well as women, according to some studies.

Keep yourself dry. Jock itch is a type of the infection. The best way to prevent it is to change your shorts if they get wet. Pay attention to your sugar intake. Yeast thrives on blood sugar, which gives them the food they need to multiply. This does not only apply to sweets, but alcohol also has high sugar levels.

Final Tips

Take extra care if you are sick or taking steroids or antibiotics. These medications can cause a disruption in your immune system, killing all bacteria in the body. Probiotics were recommended by one doctor to help with the situation. If male yeast infection symptoms develop in men, it is a sign that the infection may be serious. A doctor should be consulted immediately, preferably a urologist.