What Are Symptoms Of Low Estrogen?

Licorice root

Nearly all women in menopause and pre menopause encounter these 5 symptoms of low estrogen. If you’re going through menopause night sweats and wish to stop hot flashes, then continue reading! During menopause, our estrogen levels are usually low, and you’ll most likely encounter at least a few of these common signs of low estrogen levels. If we could banish 1 symptom of low estrogen, then we would probably choose hot flashes.

Hot Flashes

This uncomfortably hot feeling starts by feeling as if your face is on fire and then it spreads to the rest of the body. Since you can not predict when you’ll find a hot flash, it makes it very tough to lead a normal life. Herbal supplements such as black cohosh and dong quai can help. Also, consider boosting your estrogen level by eating flax seeds and nitric oxide. These will be the same as hot flashes, only they occur during the night, making it quite tough to sleep.

Along with trying the herbal supplements previously, put on a light night dress to bed, reduce the temperature in your home, and avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods. Also, taking a calcium-magnesium supplement before going to sleep can enable you to sleep during the night. This symptom, that’s the swelling and thinning of vaginal tissue, can cause bleeding and sex painful experiences. This can add to some other symptom of reduced estrogen– low libido.

Secchezza vaginale

Know that many women experience vaginal dryness and irritation, so while you might be feeling a bit embarrassed about this matter, nearly all girls out there can relate to you! Again, eating soy and flax seeds can help in addition to taking the herbal supplement licorice root. So, while you have hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal irritation, and migraines, how it the world will you be expected to still want sex? Well, your lack of a sex drive may be caused from greater than the strain of those signs.

Low estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels can compound the matter and make it so that you’re less in the mood than before menopause. If you have low estrogen, then you’re not as sensitive to sexual touching, and you’re probably experiencing vaginal dryness. Boost your estrogen level with herbs (black cohosh and don quai), or by eating soy and flax seed.

Low Libido

Your low libido might also be the reason behind relationship difficulties, lack self esteem, or anxiety. It’s tough to feel sexy if you do not feel connected with your spouse or you’re feeling stressed and insecure about yourself. Go for a walk, talk to your spouse over dinner, or think about starting a diet and exercise regimen that will make you proud of yourself.

You might have experienced headaches as part of PMS on your fertile days, but once we reach menopause, our headaches can become migraines. Balancing our hormones can help ease these horrible thoughts pains. Try taking magnesium, feverfew, black cohosh, licorice root, or soy estrogen. Drink loads of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine.