La voce delle donne africane?

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A nation can’t develop when it’s not providing the proper aid and support for its own women. All developed nations have seen advancements just because men and women had equal rights. When you have a look at the developing countries, it is possible to see that girls are getting involved in all economic, social and political actions.

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Africa is still under-developed due to its violence against women. Though the law says everybody is equal and no one ought to be denied any right because of their sex discrimination, the fact is much different. African men are dominating the African women in all walks of life. It’s only in the recent years a few African women have found success in the public life. A small section of the women population is permitted to pursue education and work at the other businesses.

This is appreciated by the women who reside outside African nations. Even today, many African women are humiliated in their working place due to the people’s racist attitudes. In African countries, courageous and educated women are permitted to work and make their living. Other women who reside in the interior parts of Africa are due to their basic rights. They’re treated as child bearing machines which do not have any rights. Sexual violence is extremely common in African countries and girls are humiliated in the general public.


Polygamy is a main issue with the African community where a man can have sexual relationship with any girl. Women are disallowed from protesting to having sexual intercourse with a guy. If a man wishes, the girl must concede to him and those who protest are assaulted brutally. Raping protesting women is extremely common and this is accepted by the African society. African girls are disinterested in polygamy and they do not want to have sex with men.

Polygamy has resulted in the spread of AIDS disease and several sufferers of HIV positive are suffering a lot in Africa. The violence against women at home is also quite common. Female genital mutilation is practiced for female children saying cultural explanations. This is done by midwives without anesthesia using unsterilized knives and blades. This produces excessive bleeding and the unsterilized knives cause AIDS. FGM is considered a crime and the government has enforced laws protecting women against FGM. In Africa, Islamic tradition indicates early marriage and girls become mothers at a really early age. Delivery is completed under the supervision of ignorant midwives and several young women suffer from vaginal fistula. When this challenge is found in women, she’s left by the family and is forced to perform prostitution.

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Violence against African women should be stopped and steps should be started form home. A woman is only safe in a household; she can live without problems from the society. After several centuries of sufferings and as a result of constant voice provided by popular African actors, girls problems in Africa are now gaining global attention. The voice of African women has reached the world in the current century. Hopefully, global attraction will help the girls come out of the hard shells and face the world with courage and confidence.