Taser Stun Gun è il miglior prodotto di autodifesa?

Stun gun in horizontal position is isolated on a white background. Taser Top with Electrode Shocks

It’s probably a person have not regarded a number of of those, therefore a few have a closer take a look at every. When you may have suspected, there are specific Taser versions which are limited in order to law enforcement officers. But you misled, this does not imply that civilians usually are supplied with the very best item within self-defense.

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Right after between C2 Taser (the most typical civilian product) as well as the M26 plus, recently, X26 law enforcement versions a lot more differentiate the in between self-defense plus regulation enforcing criminal offense. The obvious differentiator will be the variety: The more recent X26 Taser may strike a focus on thirty-five foot (10. six meters) aside, as the C2 Taser is restricted in order to fifteen foot (4. five meters), that is sufficient variety because of its protective reasons. Being a part take note, the particular X26C Taser can be obtained with regard to civilians.

Stun guns

These had been obtainable a long time before Tasers, however the biggest down-side of the stun weapon (compared to that particular associated with state spice up spray) is that you needed to stay connection with your own opponent in order to subdue your pet. Taser’s revolutionary technologies permitted essentially the ranged stun weapon: Compressed nitrogen ink cartridges launch steel prongs-which are usually linked via protected cabling towards the battery-into your own opponent from a range. This “Taser stun gun” designed for a brand new variety of self-defense item.

When Taser arrived using its 1st item, among the terrifying aspects along with utilizing it (or greatest negatives to purchasing it) is that when you demure your own opponent, you should need to get the particular metallic prongs. Now, although you can simply draw all of them out of the range, as soon as you do this particular, your own opponent might gradually restore muscle flexibility.

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Taser annihilated this particular worry by causing a good “on” change associated with types plus informing clients that when these were experienced simply by a good attacker, they ought to capture, switch the particular Taser in order to “on, inch arranged this on the floor, plus try to escape, plus Taser might change the item! This provide managed to get apparent that will TASER got the particular client’s wellbeing in your mind. The Taser stun weapon is truly advanced bit of self-defense technologies available today.

The preventing strength it offers helps it be ideal for each police force plus civilians as well. Women in danger just about everywhere may totally turn the particular dining tables upon possible assailants: A ninety lb lady may strike a three hundred lb guy through fifteen foot aside, falling your pet towards the surface within mere seconds. She may then fall the particular taser stun weapon plus operate. When the most severe occurs, as well as the opponent DOES stand up for you, the particular Taser nevertheless is actually a contact stun weapon!


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