How To Stay Safe Outside The Home?

Confident hispanic girl protecting herself from robbery outdoor, applying effective self defence moves

Despite the risks in this world, most of us have to step outside our houses at some point in time, if you don’t would like to live a fearful life without a social interaction. Bad things do happen, but the odds aren’t astronomically high and so long as you use common sense, you can avoid risky situations.

Stay alert

Provided that you think obviously, stay alert, and follow basic womens security advice that you can protect yourself from danger. First it is important to use the”sixth sense” If you ever feel that something just does not look normal or for any reason you feel uncomfortable on your usual path, leave, go home a different way. Even though it ends up to be nothing, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Always look confident rather than be diverted by cellphones. Predators are searching for the easy goal who is either not paying attention or who looks easily intimidated -somebody who won’t be eager to fight back. If taking public transport, await the vehicle in a public location. There’s always safety in numbers. Hang out in a coffee shop until your cab arrives. It’s ideal to choose the aisle seat in the event you will need to make a fast exit. Window seats are enjoyable to look out but that also means you are blocked in. When traveling through non-peak hours by train, then pick the compartments with the most passengers sitting inside them.


For taxis, double check the identification of the driver. If at all possible, avoid flagging down a cab on the street. Call to get a taxi so that it can be traced. Risk does not only occur when taking public transport. There are loads of chances for something to go wrong on your own car. When out and about, always park as near the store/building as you can. Is a dent in your car worth the risk? When returning to your car, have your keys in your hand and check your car before entering. Even if you’re just leaving your car for a little time to run into a shop, always lock your doors and roll up your windows.

Fianl note

For girls who walk or run around the area, regularly change your routine. In your mind indicate”safe houses” of people you know or public stores you may run into in the event of an emergency. In isolated areas it is ideal to put away that iPod for some time so that you can hear what’s happening around you. Look into private protection products and think about taking self defense classes. The classes should demonstrate attacks that are likely to happen -so do not bother with the mixed martial arts course. You want real life situations.