Come ridurre la sudorazione notturna?

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Suffering with perspiration is something which all women will confront at some time in their life. Night sweats can start before, after, or during menopause. When you have any excess sweating during the night this is known as sweatings. Once you get older the body stops producing eggs that starts the menopause procedure.


Menopause have many side effects which are uncomfortable for girls. Some of the side effects are mood swings, depression, insomnia, and perspiration. When the estrogen levels fluctuate this causes night sweats. Hot flashes are just another side effect of menopause and this is extremely similar to sweating.

The treatment for perspiration is the exact same for hot flashes also. Anyone who has endured night sweat or hot flashes understand the embarrassing effect it can have on your body. Most folks assume that it simply feels like becoming too hot, the majority of women will disagree with this.

Sudori notturni

Night sweats and hot flashes not just produce the exterior of your body feel sexy but you are feeling hot from the inside also. There are ways to decrease the level and frequency in which you have sweatings. You can start by preventing any spicy or hot foods. You also should avoid any hot beverages, acidic foods, alcohol, and caffeine. Red meat and dairy products should also be avoided as far as possible. You should also try to stay as stress free as possible.

Mood swings

When suffering through mood swings this could be tough to do but try not to get mad. Also avoid things that will raises your body temperature such as hot weather, hot tubs, or taking quite hot showers. You may even try taking a cold or cool shower right before bed to decrease your body temperature. Try to control the temperature of your body as far as possible. If you will need to sleep with a fan or air conditioner on then add an additional blanket for your partner. It’s significantly easier for your partner to get warm than it is for one to cool off while getting night sweats.


Make these changes in your lifestyle and you’ll see a difference. You might still suffer from sweatings but they will start to become more tolerable. You should include healthy foods in your daily diet and get a lot of exercise also. Also you might want to start taking vitamins on a regular basis. Additionally, there are many herbs available to help to control and reduce night sweats. Herbs are a natural and healthy way to deal with menopausal symptoms.


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