Come guarire le infezioni del seno?

Sinusitis. film x-ray skull AP ( anterior - posterior ) show infection and inflammation at frontal sinus , ethmoid sinus , maxillary sinus and blank area at right side

If you have chronic sinusitis, or are suffering from recurrent sinus infections, you should read on. I feel what you are feeling, the constant pain and discomfort at the sinus area is unbearable. There are two types of sinus infection. Unfortunately, my sinusitis was chronic. It had affected my life for many years and caused me to have to stop my daily activities when it became very annoying.

Modi naturali

Natural sinusitis treatments. It teaches how to treat the disease from the root and how to completely alter your immune system to fight the infection. This approach is much better than any painkillers or over-the-counter drugs. They only weaken our immune system and make it worse.

Sinusitis infection is the root cause. This is why I strongly discourage the use of painkillers or antibiotics when you have sinusitis. After trying so many times to treat the sinus with antibiotics and other over-the-counter drugs, you will find that your sinus infection recurs. The majority of sinusitis infections are caused by fungus. This can be yeast, mold, jock itch, athletes foot and others. These organisms can be found anywhere, especially in the atmosphere.

Sistema immunitario

If your immune system is weak or fragile, you could easily get sinus infection. Sinus infection is not a complete treatment. The only treatment that will cure the problem is not an antibiotic. Because fungal infection is the main reason for sinus infections, antibiotics will not be able to kill the fungus in your sinus cavities.

Second, although antibiotics can kill the bad elements of your body, they are also effective in killing the good ones. Over-consuming antibiotics will also weaken your immune system. This could make the situation worse as it will allow the fungus grow faster due to a weak immune system.


The best and most effective way to treat sinusitis is to restore balance to your body. This requires you to be aware of what is important to your body, and to be patient in implementing the method. It is important to treat your entire body from the inside and let your sinus infection fight itself.