How To Avoid Being Just Friends?

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Don’t worry, it happens to each and every one of us. We meet a girl, she’s gorgeous, smart, and looks into us. What happened? What went wrong? There’s absolutely not any fail-safe technique to preventing this, but there are several tried and true advice to help stave-off this dreaded term.

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  • Be physical. No, I do not mean wrestle with her, but I really do mean for one to TOUCH her. Perhaps you just met her, and have been talking for 5-10 minutes – touch her lightly on the hand or the shoulder. Or, you’re out on your first date, offer your arm to her as you cross the road or subtly place your hands on her lower back. These are manly moves, which indicate to her that this is a romantic discussion, not a “friendly” one.
  • Be daring. Ultimately guys, she’s looking for you to be equally sensitive to her and into the moment. If the window opens for a kiss, be daring, and do it. If you allow a lot of them to pass, the energy changes, and you classify YOURSELF as a”buddy”. Even if she rejects your progress, it’s much better to go for it not. You get nowhere fast by trusting a kiss happens. If she does refuse you, this does not mean you can’t try again later. Also, she may be saving you plenty of time by suggesting that she simply isn’t interested in you.
  • Challenge her. Too often we’re so eager to please the girl that we neglect to be ourselves. If we’re really moving and focused our lives forward, our beauty to women increases tremendously. In my ebook, “How To Get A Girlfriend”I discuss this in length. A woman, unconsciously, biologically, is looking for a guy who will be firm and steadfast in his resolve, and his objective. The way we demonstrate that this is in not accepting her at her fullest.

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So, if you believe that she’s not really living up to her potential, TELL HER. If she’s allowing herself to slide into mediocrity, TELL HER. Do it tenderly, and with love, but make certain to do it. Don’t accept less than her best. There you go guys. There’ll be times when you don’t get the girl, however you’ll remain firm on your purpose maintaining your own integrity. And, you’ll be more prepared for the NEXT woman, just around the corner.