Does Beauty Competition Between Women Cause Jealousy?

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Women can be so beastly to one another. Women may also be the perpetrators of hatred towards other girls. Women can instigate and keep a path of destruction towards another girl. It can be quite uncomfortable to admit that women can act as aggressively as men and induce the psychological breakdown in other people especially towards other girls.


There are lots of varied and strangely strange reasons for girls behaving badly and jealousy is one of these reasons. When the green eye of jealousy glares in the pulpit of inner vision in a female, the results can vary from mild verbal contact to being downright incredibly heinous. Because of envy, a girl could temporarily seem insane. Some behaviors include verbal rages appearing irrational and incessant; her stiffened body taut in the venom squeezing from every pore.

Jealousy is powerful and can ruin both the holder and the receiver. I covered my view about the Beauty Myth in another guide but wanted to pay special attention to jealousy in a woman due to attractiveness imagining the Beauty Myth. The Beauty Myth looks at the total effect on girls and I will be analyzing the psychological effect on women. To surmise the concept and clarify the Beauty Myth, here’s a quick précis.

The Beauty Myth

It is an allegorical ideology about what a woman should look like to be easily accepted in society. Men, for control over women assemble this ideology. The ideology of beauty as from the Beauty Myth isn’t defined, therefore there are no clear guidelines or demarcation. There are many ways a lady gravitates towards making herself attractive and also to appease men and the consequent language, spoken or not, determines how women view themselves.

Women then systematically enshrine the gist of the Beauty Myth by plundering themselves into a regime of incessant dressing including using surgery, makeup and diets. A woman doesn’t have to know about the Beauty Myth to be complicit in its own language. The control over women by men renders women out of control in body and mind as she strives for attainment of approval. Remember, what the actual notion of beauty should look like isn’t defined! Whilst this is happening locally for girls, the girl then sees other girls as possible rivals.


Women compete with other girls vying for the attention from guys developing a war on every other that may seem comical to some but is in no doubt quite debilitating for girls reciprocally. Women readily accept trying to attain the’perfect’ weight and keep that notion even at the risk of their own health. In certain contexts, this ideal is nothing short of experimentation with their life. In an effort to mask over her lack of self-esteem, a woman may originate a furtive contest with her coworkers, peers and even friends to seem to be the better looking therefore more suitable to men.

Is the archetypal jealous woman real or fictitious? Just have a look around you. Women eyeing up other girls whilst measuring their own selves and occasionally leaving others feeling like they are below standard. If a specific woman measures against another girl and feels she’s more attractive than she perceives her’rival’ to be, just watch her physiology prolifically change in an instant. If she awakens this same’rival’ to be incorporating an attribute she’s keen to gain this identical shift in her physiology is evident but this time, she retreats in herself.


The Omni-presence of the Beauty Myth is so powerful even though not known by its participants. The notion of the Beauty Myth makes girls jealous towards other girls a certainty. Throughout my working experiences in certain companies, I’ve occasionally felt it was better to have a guy for a manager than a girl. I work passionately to enhance women’s lives so how can I possibly justify the prior statement? Well, if your female boss is handling her own set of negative self-perceptions and gracelessly views you as having something which she doesn’t, well, put it this way, your working day could be hell.

This information shouldn’t be taken out of context. Women can handle effectively managerial roles, I’m speaking about the female supervisor who might allow her place to denigrate another female based on the notion of perceived threat. I’m also admitting, however uncomfortable that girls in’strong’ positions can use this to feather their own pride by decreasing another women’s intent.

Tenete a mente

The beginning of jealousy not only in thought but put into practice has some rather untenable traits for the receiver, the acts done against her is nothing short of bullying. In an informal group of friends, there’s always some sort of competition going on, some type of debate stemming from the absence of something, the underbelly being self-esteem. Yet, if we took a peek back to the lives of much younger females (ages 4 – 8 years old), you can see a feature in them that might clarify the neuroticism that follows later on. Young women are tenacious; they’re determined and self-assured.

They could seem bossy and knows how to receive their wishes completed. They could manipulate others for their profits without blinking. The young female knows who she is and will struggle for control within her circle. This description is architypically of young females before society teaches them that their voices should not be heard, yet another discussion! Oftentimes, the young female who sees herself mentally and emotionally powerful will seek friends who seem to her to be the opposite of her traits. This way, she’ll continue to reign.

When she does befriend another young female who then proceeds to outwardly presenting the exact same powerful traits, they may stay friends but will undergo bouts of rivalry towards each other. However, why they would stay as friends needs further explaining. The need to predominate is secondary in religious terms to the more important part of getting, nurturing and keeping friends. This means that whilst the need to predominate is powerful, that is hauled from the pressures placed on them from their external world.


The demand for friends is hauled from their internal world (subconscious) and is a lot stronger than the need to predominate. Young females, growing females and females that are grown will find a cozy place with every other that accommodates their competition as long as they’re buddies. Does this imply that the Beauty Myth perpetuates the traits currently found in females and uses it against them? In my view, most certainly a YES. The competition between girls to decorate self to surpass their’rival’ isn’t done explicitly. There are not any words which are used that determine such acts of competition; the competition is covert.

There are occasions when a female will portray her feeling of being at war when she calls on the’flaw’ of her rival, teasing her about her perceived’afflictions.’ Or when a female was perceived to have’achieved’ the mythical beauty, the backlash from her peers is all too evident. The sniping, the backbiting as well as the silent treatments towards the poor female are resources which are utilized to demonstrate the distress women feel towards their’rival’ but hauled out of their own lack of a positive self identity.

The should reign (beginning in early era ) is ever-present but made more complicated when they become older and also vying for approval from men. Young women at the park demonstrably sending another bad woman’out to Coventry’ only with a super pair of shiny shoes the reigning girl doesn’t. The adolescent female who turns on her friend because that boy she likes isn’t reciprocal with her attention-seeking actions. The new girl at work who makes the standardised corporate uniform seem incredibly perceptively hot even without trying. Supermodels are dicing with their health in an effort to be the thinnest therefore prettiest amongst her peers. She’s learnt that this ensures constant work for her.

The Media

Media depict background scenes of the clichéd females acting beastly towards each other at precisely the exact same effort to predominate and be accepted. Movie celebrities all looking for the low weight as the camera ‘puts on pounds’ and press shouts out any imperfections on a woman in a public manner. Not all publicity is good publicity! Feuds are started by women with other women simply because of perceptions based on appearances. Especially worsened if the female celebrity is newsworthy and over-exposed.

So all girls are somehow influenced by beauty and can become, coupled with a typically feminine trait, extend into jealousy. The amounts to which jealously can extend to, is determined by what the assaulting female feels she must get to extinguish her rival or equally how she has to lose. Fearful or wary of being supplanted; apprehensive of losing affection or position; bitterness or bitter in rivalry; having to do with or arising from feelings of envy, apprehension or bitterness; vigilant in guarding something; shortness of disloyalty or infidelity, autocratic.


The need to feel amazing therefore accepted by others and self is inextricably linked to getting better self-esteem. This increases the competition in and for girls. The’benefits’ are equally self-serving to women and for men. However, with the Omni-presence of the Beauty Myth makes jealously a sure fire win for guys, whoever wins the contest, they can’t lose. Until girls construct their self-esteem on feelings on individualism, compassion for other girls and acceptance of different women and their equally amazing features, the war with jealousy will last. The Beauty Myth continues to predominate over the female who thinks she reigns. Until women understand they are men’s half-witted sense of delusions and will never aspire to true equality, they remain incarcerated spiritually. The development of’the girl’ needs to occur and how this is done is by knowing who they are and remove self from men’s expectation. Women then should develop emotionally by becoming aware of the internal resources to start the trade off with guys for equality since at the present time, men don’t need to trade with women on equal grounds.


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