Esistono semplici rimedi casalinghi per la candida?

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Many people have never heard of candidiasis. Those who do know can tell that symptoms can be confused for an upset stomach, an allergic reaction, or simply exhaustion. If left untreated, candidiasis, or infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans, can cause serious health problems. Good news is that candidiasis in its early stages may not require a visit to the doctor. This could result in costly medical bills and expensive fees.

Rimedi casalinghi

Home remedies have been proven to be effective in fighting the effects of candidiasis. It is important to start using these remedies as soon as possible. In a glass of warm or cold water, mix a few drops tea tree oil (approximately 5-8 drops). For about a minute, stir the mixture. Allow the solution to touch all parts of your mouth (throat and palate, cheek lining). Take care not to swallow the solution.

Gargle the solution two times daily, one in the morning and one before bed. Apply a few drops tea tree oil to a sterile gauze or a tampon to the affected area. Every 4 to 6 hours, replace. It should not contain any sugar or other ingredients. The yogurt should contain live lactobacillus acidsophilus, which is good bacteria that keeps candida albicans under control. Dip a tampon into the yogurt and place it in the vagina. Repeat the process twice daily until symptoms improve.

Try This!

Apply yogurt directly to the affected area. The yogurt will not only treat the fungal infection but it will also soothe the skin and relieve weeping. Let the yogurt sit for at least an hour before rinsing off. Keep the affected area dry. Two to three times daily. For oral thrush, mix two teaspoons apple cider vinegar with one cup of cool water. Use the solution to gargle. Do not swallow. After gargling, dip your cotton swab into undiluted apple cider vinegar. Apply directly to the oral sores. Do not rinse. Allow to stand overnight.

Make a douching solution with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two cups water. Allow the solution to sit for two hours before adding one garlic clove. Candida seems to thrive on high sugar diets. To “starve” Candida, eat a low-to no-sugar diet and use sugar alternatives if possible.

Proper Diet

For as long as your symptoms persist, you can continue with this diet. You should also ensure that you are getting adequate amounts of vitamins (A-B-complex, C, and minerals (iron, zinc) in addition to the altered diet. This works best when symptoms are becoming severe and affect multiple parts of the body at once. Before you undergo this procedure, diabetics should consult a doctor. These tips are especially helpful for women to prevent candida overgrowth.

Do not clean or douche inside your vagina. When washing the exterior area, avoid using vaginal deodorants and perfumed soaps.

The body can be stripped of the natural elements that keep the fungal growth under control. Use plain water or a mild pH-balanced cleanser. Avoid tight clothing, especially nylon underwear. They prevent proper aeration (breathing), of the skin. It encourages moisture to build up in the body, which is a prime breeding ground for fungi. To keep your body cool and flush out toxins (including those caused by candida fungus), drink plenty of water


Eat a lot of yogurt, bananas, and garlic. These foods are rich in anti-fungal properties, and if they are part of your daily diet, you can avoid candidiasis. Avoid skipping meals and don’t keep your stomach empty for too long. Your body will be unable to function well if you are not consistent with your schedule. Unstable eating habits can increase candida overgrowth. These home remedies work best if you can detect it quickly. To be able to give the right remedy, you must first recognize the symptoms. If you are unsure about the signs, consult a licensed and qualified medical professional. These home remedies can be paired with their advice. You may be one step closer to eliminating, if not completely avoiding, candidiasis.